Feb 28, 2009


christopher kane

1 of the most coherent collections--girly yet typically edgy. can't believe how young AND talented he is!
notable: sheer panelling, ruffles, vertical stripes, all paired with flat footwear (WOOT!)
my #1 of LFW. fo shiz, chris kane is DA BOMB. he straddles so many different influences that his appeal can't be boxed in to any "type". i love him even more now!

richard nicoll

one of my fave designers (see sidebar!). with his retro-futuristic, nurse-lingerie look: distinctive!
notable: lingerie innerwear-as-outerwear aesthetic, pastels + metallics, covered decolletage.
reminds me alot of marc jacobs for LV back when he did nurses in transparent coats...

mario schwab

ridiculously singular in his silhouette: a cinched, defined waist with lots of details on dresses.
notable: strappy platforms, metallic/bejewelled accents, shift dresses, WAISTS x 39845739. 
i personally like this alternative to all the straight/waify + strong shoulders aesthetic that's been hovering about naggingly recently...

peter jensen
too cute for words! part Dutch-milkmaid, part Eastern European matroshyka doll.
notable: large blouson bell sleeves, checks, folksy prints, woolen hats. 
(nothing that's going to be too fashion forward, but very cute nonetheless)
on a personal note, thanks everyone for your concern...i promise to get down to commenting and replying ASAP! i pulled an all-nighter last night (red bull being the single best accompaniment), and finished it up. that's 6500 words in 5 days, not bad! now all that's due is my client letter of advice...such is the life of a legal eagle.

also, have solved picture clarity woes by using external hosting...slightly more inconvenient but its worth it for higher res pictures. looking forward to better picture posts from now on!

have a good weekend! :) 

Feb 27, 2009

Maria Dvirnik for Grazia mag

Maria Dvirnik was photographed at Hamburg’s harbour by Margaretha Olschewski for Italian edition GRAZIA. The 16 page spread sees her delight in pieces by Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Hermès and Roccobarocco.
coming up: London FW picks! london is always a very exciting spot on the calendar because it tends to draw all these avant garde types and more "out there" kinda fashion. i've seen lots of wearable stuff that still manages to push the limits. 
i cant wait to share!

in the meantime however, i'm slaving over a 3500 word paper. it's literally due in a few hours' time, so wish me luck! when that's done, i will have a client letter to draft, but at least i'll be able to breathe and blog about fashion! 

Feb 25, 2009

plaid skirt in pop art

feeling slightly wonky today from all the deadlines (3 in a week!), i decided to add some color to my humdrum photos... forgive me, i can't be bothered to leave the confines of my wardrobe to change and take photos...also, it was a Bad Photo Day. they seem to happen more and more, haha!
plaid's never been my thing, but when i saw this particular print on a wool skirt, i realised i could get behind this particular trend, as long as it wasnt the lumberjack-shirt-with-skinny-jeans combo being pulled by EVERYONE on the street from LC to joel madden
AA tank, m)phosis wool plaid skirt, tiffany jewelry, random belt (i need a new black one!)

closeup of the print... somehow it looks alot less american lumberjack (which is ALWAYS the danger with plaid...), maybe because its got more than the requisite black/white. just trust your own discretion when buying into any trend!
also, on a superrandom note, i went out at 3am last night to go grocery shopping at my friendly neighbourhood 24-hour grocery store. i bought cereal, milk, tomatoes, pears and yoghurt. for some weird reason, it came up to $45, and i was like WHUT!?!?!??!??! lol.

Feb 24, 2009


lights, camera, action:
 PS: you should definitely click on the pictures for higher res. for some reason blogger isn't doing my photos any favors unless they are clicked on. BIZARRE. anyone with tech help?
matthew williamson
playful brights lent color to ombre-d coats, gilded tunics, metallic accents, zigzag motifs...
 notable: ombre-d coats, gilded tunics (very lohan!) 
3.1 phillip lim 
 rock and roll meets his pretty girly ruffled pastels, creating a modern rock chick. 
notable: convertible trenches and a new flare silhouette for skinny pants.
nanette lapore
winner of the lot for me! plaid, leopard, tweed, all tastefully combined in a wearable modern way. 
notable: leopard-print accessories, assymetrical hems, fitted layers
close runner-up! relaxed silhouettes with a distinct Gallic touch of garconne. lovesit!
notable: tuxedo-like shirts, loose-fit slim pants, buttoned collars.
ever-feminine and fitted without being stodgy, with a hint of WOMAN thru all the sheerness.
notable: fitted skirts, tucked in blouses, defined waists.
stand out standout standout. hip-high nicholas kirkwood textured boots, intricate beading, weaving, OTT embellishment with workmanship that can make you weep. tears of joy for me. 
and a close up on those CRAZYASS boots. amazing.
rag & bone
simple, clean, japanese-inspired. schoolgirl aesthetic with a carefree edge that makes it very wearable.
notable: distinct buttoned collars, blue palette, obi-like belts, swingy skirts.
narciso rodriguez
extremely fitted and very symmetrical as usual. modern, streamlined, sexy.
notable: one-tone palettes, cut-ins to bare shoulders (quite counterintuitive at this point!)
united bamboo

playful, fun girlwear with cardigans, textured skirts, lots of prints. nothing too serious!
notable: oxford-looking shoes worn with ankle socks and bare legs. 
vena cava
dark, mysterious, rugged, almost 80s in its look; easy to achieve with your own vintage finds.
notable: cutouts, biker-chick footwear, darker palette with stonewashed and tie-dyed fabrics.

ever since i took those SHOES photos, i decided to give myself some daily reminders. 

Feb 23, 2009

chantilly scott for Amica mag

i guess the title sums this editorial up: SO PRETTY indeed!
Canadian model chantilly scott, as photographed by Serge Guerand of KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN at the Organic House in Cape Town for the February issue of German edition AMICA magazine.
Chantilly poses in designs by Emilio Pucci, Diane von Fürstenberg and Piazza Sempione over a 12 page spread. simply gorgeous.

paradise pears
in a completely unrelated train of thought, check out the miniature paradise pears in season now from Australia. barely the size of a large coin, they are extremely sweet and crunchy, like downsized pears, just without the sogginess.
i bought them and polished off a whole punnet in just 2 days! :)

silk organic choc soymilk
i only drink soy milk...even better if its organic. SILK is the best brand on the market, in my opinion. you get the nuttiness of the soy but its not grainy, and the chocolate flavor is still very rich! finished this carton in 2 days as well. Very Enjoyable Milk.

Feb 22, 2009

shoes, a love story

this book shoes by tim blanks was given to me at christmas by a special friend of mine. 
he of course is aware that i love fashion and thought this would be appropriate. 
i think what is truly appropriate in this case would be to let the pictures do the talking. more text and thoughts later! *all pictures from the book, copyrighted.

click if you want to see larger pictures...

very runway-stomper-type. one of the standout photos, in my opinion. 
a shoe wall that i must admit completely reminded me of jane from seaofshoes, who really does have a wonderfully inspirational AND aspirational curated collection of footwear.
amazing gilded/palliated platform...but mainly i love how much of a centrepiece the shoe is, in the midst of all that ornate architecture. lovely and decadent!
this is the shoe version of a valentino collection... very tongue in cheek, nudge-nudge wry humour.
and finally, 
something every girl can relate to--choosing clothes and shoes can sometimes be like picking your favorite ice cream flavor: there's just no telling! 
all in all, this is an absolutely GORGEOUS spread of witticisms about fashion and shoes, juxtaposed lovingly with photography that is equal parts clever, sexy and cute. if you have friends who love shoes, or if you love them yourself, then you should either buy the book or tell them to visit this blog! HAHA.

ps: the stiletto effect, if you see this, SHOUTOUT TO YOU, you will love this! and of course i will just die if anyone tells JANE to check this out...

Feb 21, 2009

too-cool-for-school collaborations

balenciaga/nicholas ghesquire + brian lichtenberg
combining iconic images of ghesquire's fancy footwork confections, this tee is supercute and very architectural in its own right. honorable mentions include the woven gladiators from THAT floral collection, the endlessly-copied (sam edelman!!!) blogger-loved square-toed black tough-girl boot, and the steve madden-counterfeited Lego shoe.
of course, take a step back from drooling at those shoes and you'll realise the montage happily forms the letter B.
as to whether that stands for balenciaga or brian... i guess that's up to you!
robert lee morris + the olsens for their label, elizabeth and james
with the proceeds (at least some...) of the sale of these bracelets going to charity, you can be fashionable and contribute to society at the same time! of course, what they don't tell you in the advertisements is that you'll also be contributing substantially to the already-overflowing pockets of MK and ashley...
coca-cola + manolo blahnik
for a limited time only, these too-chic collector's bottles of coke will be invading (they hope!) streets and clutched by the oh-so-frivolous starving fashion folk.
smartly and boldly emblazoned, these bottles are cute and clever at the same time.
his illustrations are so precarious they'll remind you not to consume anything but that soda you're buying, lest you break a stiletto heel or two.
the man himself!
limited edition bottles sold separately.
nike + liberty of london

known for its printed fabrics, this luxury accessories line (whose new face is widely rumoured to be slumdog millionaire star freida pinto!) has contributed 4 prints to adorn nike's very limited edition sneakers. the prints are named Phoebe, Nina, Venus Leaf and Strawberry Thief.
blazer trainers with the pretty prints...what a way to welcome spring!
just a perfectly sublime mix of girliness and street cred. the coolest kicks on the block. personally, i prefer the dunks above, with their quilt-like mix of patterns. these are nice too, but just a bit too plain-vanilla for me.
and the view from the back. too damn pretty!!! i am loving these! unfortunately they are extremely limited and i really dont imagine myself getting a pair. even if i did, i'll admit it will be more for the street cred than for any truly practical purpose.
lamborghini + heels
the limited edition superleggera carbon fibre heels...talk about engineering your fashion!
i guess this puts the LEG if superLEGgera...

call if gimmicky if you will, but the shoes really resemble the marquee vehicle!
that aggressive front nose, the lambo logo, the back view of the shoes with their 'headlights' and of course the premium carbon fibre material...must feel like you're walking on air.
best part? there's no risk of a speeding ticket with these babies.

Feb 19, 2009

turn up the volume

proenza schouler
jil sander
and in a classic show of refined restraint, hermes.

just stuff to tickle the palate...the thing i find about these ultra-glam outfits is you can only wear them once. my current thing is separates...you can get alot of wear out of your clothes just by pairing them differently. makes dressing up an intellectual exercise, relatively.