Jan 29, 2009

the plaza retail collection

At the literal crossroads of luxury shopping, on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, Manhattan's iconic Plaza Hotel is hoping to draw the attention - and cash - of shoppers with a sprawling new retail concourse featuring high-end design and luxury merchandise at dozens of elegant boutique spaces.

Before the 101-year-old Plaza underwent a $400 million renovation beginning early 2007 that turned it into a combination of hotel rooms and condos, the downstairs concourse area housed decidedly unglamorous utility, kitchen and laundry spaces.

All that changed as part of a makeover that transformed the concourse into a key element of the hotel's Plaza Retail Collection - 160,000 square feet of exclusive boutiques and food purveyors spread over several floors--all in a bid to heighten the prestige and draw that is already one of NYC's iconic locations.

The collection has been painstaking curated, and has been slowly creating a steady stream of fashion buzz from december 2008, when press releases regarding the new tenants and their respective boutique renovations began to hit the web. The boutiques have opened piecemeal since Oct. 22, one exclusive cocktail party at a time.

High-end labels appealling to the Fifth Ave shoppers include the following retailers:

i wish i had actual interior photos to accompany this--but the West Coast is on my travel itinerary for now, so i may have to scour the web a bit more. 


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