Jan 21, 2009

the maiden lune bag voyage

so, after much deliberation and many entries on the balenciaga lune, i have been irrevocably pulled into the vortex of its loveliness. 

and as you can see, so has mizz gwyneth paltrow. 
(btw, i never understood her name nor its bizarre spelling. then she goes and picks 'chris', 'apple' and 'moses' as the most important people in her life. just so, you know, her name remains SPECIAL.)

AA u-neck tank top, calvin klein gold hardware skirt, pedder red leather platforms.
painful expression: BYOB.

i carried this bag with a gold-heavy outfit because of the fact that the bag's got gold accents too...i'm rather picky about the fact that all the accents in my accessories need to match--hence, no silver jewelry when carrying a bag with gold. 

the shoulder strap i mentioned previously has FINALLY been delivered...so as you can see, i am carrying it that way, just because. the single complaint i have is that the bag is Extremely heavy-duty...so i try not to fit in an additional 2.4kg of my Mac's goodness.
the original, without the shoulder strap. again, i still don't see why they cant make it with a strap!!! all their bags have straps!!! at least the bound mirror's intact...

i have no idea why i look so angry in all these photos! maybe its because i'm re-wearing a skirt within 2 weeks, and even worse, posting the pictures up. but i believe in getting your money's worth.


Zoë said...

my dear i ADORE the bag!!
and your skirt looks amazing.
thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog too btw I checked out the designers you recommended and I must say, although I have not really been a fan of Dries Van Noten, I must say, his collection was AMAZING!!!
Totally worth the look. So thanks for that!


Sheryl Wong said...

It's a great skirt, like I agreed previously. I would wear it a million times if I were you too.

Lovely bag!

Maya said...

And lucky you that u get to have it! AND I ADORE your skirt

The Clothes Horse said...

Your skirt and bag are so awesome.
You know, Apple would be a cute nickname...but she's gonna get harrassed in elementary school!

Cathy Voyage said...

The bag is a dream!! Unbelievable!

pretty face said...

What an incredibly stunning bag! I am only slightly jealous....

BTW you look tons better than Paltrow.

The Stiletto Effect said...

That skirt is so amazing! It's really stylish :)

Gossip said...

love our outfit, especially the shoes (haha, i'm just a real shoe-freak!)

thanks for putting a comment on my blog :)


copperoranges said...

i cannot believe you own that bag! what an investment piece!