Jan 20, 2009

lauren moffatt: color and print

lauren moffatt is named only after one half of the design duo behind this hip label. her collaborator, partner and boyf is designer ron pepin. how sweet to combine love and work!

this is their 10th year in business (love story: unknown), and lauren moffatt's design principles have been unchanged since then:
an eye for Candyland colors and prints combined with simple sihouettes and accented with little details like patterned trim or a vintage button.

patterned accents are done very well by the duo, making for very coherent collections and simple but identifiable pieces. signature, yet subtle.

much is told of the legendary first samples lauren and rob brought to hip NYC boutiques, hoping to score some buyer interest:
a bright green strapless dress with a pink patch pocket, a yellow and white striped A-line skirt with pink leather trim, a green skirt with lime green lining and an orange antique button.

the result? a hip NYC brand fit for young individualistic (and picky!) buyers, including blake lively. it is now carried in selective stores, both online and instore, such as shopbop.com and hedra prue, alongside hot labels like m by mj, milly, alice +olivia and vena cava.

in other news, i've dived right into life and its current demands. would be nice to have a soft ol' safety net like the dude up there.

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