Jan 13, 2009


recently, i've found myself in need of a clutch...being desperate, i resorted to carrying old OLD bags that were falling apart. sometimes, a tote or satchel jsut doesn't cut it, and many of my bags are big and functional like the slim, lune and the parttime. 

ENTER: my mother, and her choice of the MJ Eugenie clutch.

the eugenie is a two-toned cow leather foldover clutch with a metal clasp-- simple clean lines and very functional, which is just the way i like bags! all the photos i managed to find online were dark and/or bold colors, very different from the one we got...

as you can see, we got the clutch in a pastel color. debate is still raging over whether it is a light blue or a grey shade of leather...i still maintain it is the latter! anyone authoritative wanna weigh in on this?

while i adore marc jacobs' clothes, i've never felt the same way about his bags...i never took to the quinn or the stam or any of the rest, save for my mustard M by MJ satchel. however, being in such dire need of a clutch, i was immediately gratified when told i need no longer be a bag-hobo.

the metal clasp closure, engraved subtly with his name

i must admit, i have grown to love this bag and its versatility, because it goes with most outfits, being so simple, and neither is it a flashy bag--i hate that, and anything that screams "BRAND!!!!" we're not paying to advertise. i only have one photo in which i'm carrying the clutch, so here it is, taken a few weeks ago, last year.

DIY satin skirt worn as tube dress, calvin klein blazer, MJ clutch

 i know this photo doesnt say much--about ANYTHING, but i figured at least it isn't just an object statically photographed. excuse the headless figure--its me with my lips pursed, mid-word in conversation. needless to say it was not fitting to post THAT. 

pink pastel bags i meant to share a long time ago...(click if you need to read the text bigger)

since we're on the topic of pastels, here are just 3 pastel bags i really like. never been a fan of anything too girly or sweet, but i think these 3 are rather exquisite works of art. 



Zoƫ said...

omgosh LOVE the MJ clutch!!


Ashley said...

ive been obsessed with pastels lately, especially blushing pink.
i bought this hideously huge peachy pink ruffled bag at Urban Outfitters the other day.
everyone will hate it, but I still love it!