Jan 16, 2009

detailed cardigans by ADAM

one wardrobe staple in every woman's closet is THE CARDIGAN. 
recently, i found some really awesome cardigans with unique detailing from ADAM by adam lippes, from NYC. he began his line in 2004, and already he's been...
named as part of Vanity Fair's "The Next Establishment" in 2007, his designs are classic, with an emphasis on quality materials, in particular knits. no surprise then, that these cardigans are sought after and made of fine fabrics. 
 cable knit cardigan with metallic braid detail

what impressed me was the amount of workmanship put into each cardigan--what conversation pieces these regular warmers he's turned them into!!! all the cardigans i possess are hardly charming-- just soft pieces of cloth, with the most detail (on a calvin klein) being restricted to little ruffles and velveteen piping. 
PSHAW! look at adam lippes' stuff! 

knit cardigan with giant chain detail
the giant chain detail COMPLETELY swept me back to hussein chalayan's fabric chain necklace circa 2005...which was later reincarnated by the ever-so-colorful united colors of benetton, as modelled here by the fabulous susie bubble...
susie with her benetton giant chain necklace
just a random fashion reference i thought i'd share!
anyway, back to ADAM: while the knits are pretty pricey at US$300+ per cardigan, i'm sure the fabrics are impeccable, and the detail he so lovingly incorporates into these functional pieces of clothing... resultingly, adam lippes is as of now on my radar!


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I always have loved Adam's collections. these are lovely