Jan 16, 2009

cynthia steffe crochet bolero

today, i decided to be a little more girly--mainly because i wanted to incorporate a recent purchase: a reddish-vermillion crochet bolero. (i have no exact color-word!)
cynthia steffe bolero, american apparel u-neck tank, ember circle skirt (folded at waist), repetto patent leather classic ballet flats

and this is it, closeup..
.the material is really thick and heavy, which i didn't expect, given how most of the steffe clothing i'm familiar with is limited to light and Very Pretty Party Dresses.
just imagine how thrilled i was to discover this bolero just over the weekend, AFTER featuring her designs!

with the afternoon light streaming in

the crochet essentially reveals whatever you're wearing underneath it...

folded skirt, zip exposed
it had a really thick waistband, so i decided to fold it at the band to make it look like a skater skirt, much like what the high street stores are selling now (OVERPRICED at $80+ for essentially nary a design in sight)

i think you can see the fold at the waist more clearly in this photo.

i need not continually sing their praises, you all KNOW how fabulous the French Ballet-commissioned flats are. in fact, i shall do a post on their wonderful packaging sometime soon. the prettiness will make everyone rush down to on pedder to buy them, stat.

and i guess, in the spirit of ballet flats, i attempted a measly curtsey (without the bow).

essentially slightly too girly for what i'm currently channeling, but it's always good to mix things up once in a while! do you mix up your style, or stick to your fashion guns????

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