Jan 14, 2009

cheap or chic: canvas bags

this is an IT BAG

so...someone other than the originally creative anya hindmarch wants to launch an apparently anti-consumerist, witty take on luxury bags. just some thoughts:
  1. it's already been done to death. beginning with "i am not a plastic bag", even karl lagerfeld has a cheapie "shopping bag". its 2009, please.
  2. US$500 for a canvas tote? all the francais in the world can't buy good value-for-money. 
  3. CHEAP, not chic. sorry!
tommy hilfiger + free arts NYC canvas bag

tommy hilfiger used a photograph from artist jeremy blake to produce a chic, quintessentially American canvas tote (very in line with the hilfiger empire!), the proceeds of which will benefit photography programs for inner-city underprivileged children. 
  1. a quiet yet profound nod to American culture AND heritage through the simple juxtaposition of 2 images--no need for any try-hard catchphrases!
  2. a bag that's environmentally friendly AND that benefits low-income kids? that's a double whammy right there.

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