Jan 19, 2009

cheap or chic: calendar napkins

designer stas aki has come up with a novel way for on-the-go individuals to keep track of their dates-- by CALENDAR NAPKINS!!!

dont you just love the idea? granted, you're limited to one piece a day, but build it into your daily routine and you have a great alternative to cracking your brain/checking your cell/watch/etc.
and, if you hide the dates in a napkin holder...i guess you get a morning surprise everyday!
kitschy? maybe. cute? definitely!
i vote CHIC...and given the price, CHEAP too.
here's too a more organized new year ahead. cheers!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

haha. LOVE the calender napkins. you are linked lady!

Taryn said...

these are adorable!!!! I love your blog!

=) Taryn

Taryn said...
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Cathy Voyage said...

Hehe, how funny!