Jan 11, 2009

black magic

a slight preview of...(CLICK for a closeup to see deets)
more on these LATER!!! and onto: the feature presentation

black is just one of those colors i never tire of. thankfully, neither do others, nor the fashion industry. even in the colorful SS09 collections, black made itself heard. 

ann demeulemeester

a regular fan favorite (not unlike other similarly monochromatic staples rick owens, yohji, junya,  kawabuko, et al) with, and because of: her signature relaxed layers and jackets, with the addition of crystal embellishment, skinny trousers, bunched tops and THOSE shoes.


riccardo tisci wasn't above sexing up the french house-- evoking a descriptive lexicon of bondage, hardcore, leather+lycra, skintight, crossback, hemlines, cutouts, deep-Vs: not unlike christophe decarnin's fellow franco-hawt collection. hard to resist. 

from layered and relaxed at ann D to full-on (and full-frontal?) and edgy at G, black is but a color-- sihouettes, textures and detail can easily change the look. some picks!

commuun drapey top 

an internationally-awarded korean label (lvmh, longchamp), the exclusive use of organic fabrics serves to enhance the deconstructed sihouettes' simplicity. 
i really love the way the fabric falls and drapes. takes skills to do that, folks!

alexander wang vest + scarf

yet another fashion-insider darling (thou IMO hugely overpriced!), his retooled basics in luxurious knits have won over hordes. erin wasson as muse, model and walking advert adds to the appeal, along with his smiley grunge chicness-- you almost believe you could look like that too. but a cfda/vogue trophy can't hurt a designer's profile!

ann demeulemeester pleated vest

this belgian doesn't need to depend on her gouden spoel fashion award for street cred, she's got it in droves. minimalistic and simple without being safe or boring, superior construction and detailing make this a clincher. just look at the pleating!

taking a leaf out of recent fashion books (figuratively, of course...), more detailed shots of my previously-featured pedder red leather platform shoes-- half-off to $150! i call them my bondage shoes, so in the spirit of this post i thought i'd put up some closeups. can't see the platform much in these shots thou...

platform: you can see it on the left shoe (the one on the right of the photo)...

in other news, school starts tomorrow! i certainly don't plan to wear THESE there, but more thoughts+pictures on all that some other time. have a good week ahead!

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