Jan 9, 2009

black and gold

OF LATE, i've been searching for a military blazer ala balmain but to no avail (damn those 80s shoulder silhouettes!), until a recent random weekday afternoon walkabout downtown yielded a Most Interesting Find...
candid, while enjoying a flute of champagne
topshop top, calvin klein skirt, forever21 necklace, accessorize heart earrings

just to prove that i have some (limited) amount of photoshop ability...
YES!!! it is indeed what it looks like--
with this, i can try to do the whole military thing without the elusive (yet oft-spotted and popular) military blazer: A SKIRT!

outfit as above. excuse the pixellation; it wasn't the best of days for phototaking.

needless to say, i was extremely excited for what i could do with it, but being such an attention-seeking piece, i desisted and wore it with a plain black top.
call it boring if you will, but i'm sticking to my story: living in the tropics isn't a bed of roses and you certainly cant get by trying to smell like it. 
more detailed shot of the gold rivets, and folded: YES the hem is in fact lined.

i'm sure this skirt will crop up in more posts/outfits in future!


Sheryl Wong said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by. I have added the link, as requested!

I love your skirt, btw!

Taryn said...

Love that skirt! Looks amazing with that top (like a dress!!).