Jan 10, 2009

ain't messin' around

on style's daily sartorial poll...
debra messing in donna karan got my vote, at the People's Choice Awards

L-R: katherine "spoilt" heigl/D&G, olivia "my forehead!" wilde/BCBG, jennifer morrison/gianfranco ferre, carrie underwood/naeem khan.

aside from the fact that i love she's a redhead, she's proving that red carpet dressing need not be a stodgy, boring affair. going against current trends and convention...
  • NON-curly/wavy hairdo
  • NON embellished dress
  • NON flowy, very architectural modernist futuristic frock. woot!
  • NON overdone jewelry+accessories
tis very exciting now that award season is officially underway, what with the fashion that's to come, and more importantly, all the recognition waiting to be given.

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