Dec 31, 2009


model alice dellal.
keep reading and you'll see why she starts this post off.

claudia schiffer,muse
here is claudia schiffer in muse magazine, as shot by photographer jonas bresnan.
and boy does she show why she is one of the greats-- by ably morphing herself into alice dellal. at least, that's how i look at it.
the asymmetric hair, the brunette roots, the black, lace, boots, biker gloves, leather, pvc, skin.
want a comparison to one of the edgiest models around? its uncanny.

claudia schiffer,muse

claudia schiffer,muse

claudia schiffer,muse

claudia schiffer,muse

claudia schiffer,muse

claudia schiffer,muse

claudia schiffer,muse
welcome to 2010 everyone.
may the new year bring forth challenges, inspiration, and many happy returns. xxxxxxxxx
image credit to GoSee

Dec 28, 2009

KL highlights

so just some pictures from KL to close out the year.
i've found that South-east Asia especially has got a rather preculiar charm to it... not least because of its relative undeveloped nature in comparison to cultural and economic giants like HK, korea and who can leave out the powerhouse Japan.
i'm just gonna do this chronologically for ease.

merdeka square,KL
merdeka square
merdeka means 'freedom' in Malay, and mainly i found the architecture of thsi area really interesting. in a Muslim country like Malaysia, lots of religious elements are usually incorporated. in this case, the building just reminded me of the middle east.
working it.
or trying to. just one of those very many poseur photos you take, especially in front of a graffiti-covered wall in teh middle of the city.
we kinda tried our hand at f1 racing. yawn.
petronas twin towers,KL
but of course, one of the highlights of the trip was seeing the petronas twin towers, which are the tallest twin towers in the world. they are due to be eclipsed by... the dubai tower, but since that's only under construction, KL wins for now.
petronas twin towers,KL
doing the classic pose: "i held up the tower bridge!"
the place was absolutely crawling with tourists, and i suppose the towers were much prettier at night because of all the lights.
petronas is acutally Malaysia's state-owned petroleum company, so you can imagine why the towers are as magnificent as they are. they also house the company's HQ offices.
we got to watch an introduction to the towers in a plush theatre.... next to us are our friends from Australia and NZ. they are a couple we met at our hostel one night over drinks-- how predictable. but we all got along really well so we decided to see the towers together!
petronas twin towers,KL
to get up to the tower bridge, one has to line up early in the morning in the hope that you are one of the first 800 people there-- becaues they give out 800 free passes a day.
and NO, you cannot buy your way up to the bridge. so here's the view of the towers close up. pretty intimidating.
petronas twin towers,KL
more of the city.
petronas twin towers,KL
at one of a few observation decks.
petronas twin towers,KL
i own you.
petronas twin towers,KL
and again.
guess who got stopped by some chinese/honkie/taiwanese/etc tourists??!?!?
i'm still not sure how to react to this bizarre event.
classic jumpshot.
backstory: it took MANY attempts to get this right. the photog was a really good sport about the whole thing, thou.
in any case,
this cast iron structure really reminded me of the iwo jima one in washington, D.C. its the very famous structure where the men are raising an American flag? if you know this, good. clint eastwood would be proud. if not, erm-- google it.
this one in Malaysia was meant to commemorate the soldiers who had fought in the war of independence. (i htink). either ways, it was a war memorial, and to get there we had to climb a winding path but it was so worth it when you got to the top.
batu caves,KL
and the batu caves. the reason why we went to KL in the first place!
we debated over whether that giant buddha was gold or not...but upon closer inspection, the most it could've been was gold-plated. and even then, we didnt think it was.
it was just absolutely MASSIVE.
batu caves,KL
more posing.
batu caves,KL
there were a total of 300+ steps (i think), each of them being numbered as you walked up. the steps were steep and narrow, with no rest stops.
my quads were burning but how i loved the burn. haha.
the caves were filled with many animals, from monkeys to roosters to dogs, and my personal favorite, 2 snakes. this is the second albino python i've been privileged to get acquainted with...
the maiden experience was in venice beach in cali over summer.
snakes are warm and luxurious, and not at all gross or slimy. that being said, i do acknowledge that they are an acquired taste.
batu caves,KL
and finally, we went on a cool-ass dark cave tour, where our guide let us experience TOTAL PITCH DARKNESS.
never in my life have i had that opportunity. i was frantically waving my hand right in front of my face, but to no avail. i saw nothing, and felt for once, that somehintg absolute could exist: absolute darkness.
we saw tons of creatures of the dark too.. and a cockroach castle.
i wince now even just saying that. mind you, not a nest, not a hive, a BLOODY CASTLE. when i heard those words i relly couldve just dropped dead there and then. the bats and cave forms were pretty cool though.
in other news, christmas has been a very happily busy time of seeing family and old friends. its amazing how the debauchery carries on from pre-xmas through to post-xmas, with the NYE parties coming in just in time to ride that same wave to inevitable inebriation.
have a good start to the new year everyone!

Dec 20, 2009

big bum pants, 3 ways

hello everyone, i'm sorry i've been away so long! aside from exams, i took a short trip to KL (photos up very soon!), after which i had a Youth Conference, after which i... got lazy and/or had too many parties.
jovovich-hawk silk top/ anthropologie cuff/ mom's pants

i recently busted out my mum's high-waisted pants which i like to call my BIG BUM PANTS. it was a friend's 70s themed birthday party...
of course my top was very au courant except that most people were oblivious to that LOL. it had huge ornate buttons all down the back, with a silk sash too. hopefully i will be able to put more detailed shots up... at some point. btw i managed to get that top at a CRAZYAMAZING discount. think $800+ reduced to $90. needless to say, i picked it up immediately!

anwyays, emphasis on the bum = #1 reason why high waisted pants are risky for me!! so here are the only 2 other times i've pulled off the look... by focusing on the top half either thru details or color or fabric, and keeping my fingers crossed. haha.
marni knit/cotton top/mom's pants/ pedder red leather shoes/balenciaga wool+leather city (FW06)/tiffany heart tag bracelet.
its actually just the green top, but my mom also made me wear that black tube inside so that no wardrobe malfunction would occur...thou i personally feel that a deep v-neck is no problem if consuelo castiglioni intended for it to be that way, haha.

i wore this outfit to the gareth pugh fashion show a number of months back...wearing green there certainly made me stand out, but i dont subscribe to the whole wear-the-designer-youre-seeing scheme of things. you're there because you appreciate his/her work already...

and btw that bal is SUCH a conversation piece. its currently on heavy rotation and i've actualyl had many a conversation struck up because of it. never did i expect that!

shoes and trousers as above/dorothy perkins top/ tiffany elsa peretti starfish necklace, own attitude. :)

poor shot from my macbook. back when i couldnt be bothered with my stolen camera to borrow from my mom/brother/dad. yes we each have one.
what i liked best about this outfit was the equation of
girly top+ boyish pants + fierce shoes = HMMM. interesting outfit.

so... thoughts on big bum pants? whether or not they're here to stay, they can be fun to wear.

and happy holidays everyone! joyeux noel!

Nov 18, 2009


ok, i'm NOT a fan of featuring myself (as opposed to my clothes and fashion in general)...but in the absence of proper outfit photos, i will just put up a makeup-related one.
matthew williamson for H&M top**/ accessorize earrings/ estee lauder makeup
this was taken at the beverly centre bloomingdales i believe, at an estee lauder makeup event they were having. so i received a little makeup makeover (they didnt help with outfit and hair, unforch HAHA) from the nice ladies there, and got to do the whole photoshoot thing there too.
i picked a orangey, summery look with warmer coral colors, and after going through the shots with the photog and the photoeditor, we finally settled on this shot as the best one. quite a fun day out and you can still see my summery coral nails. MATCH!
small stretch of rodeo
i suppose since i'm on the topic of LA i might as well put this up...
i suppose it HAD to be on rodeo drive.
my friend and i drove to rodeo to get some cupcakes, and then we decided to have lunch. so we picked the most ridiculously decked-out cafe on the stretch-- waiters in full gear, all-white seats, tables, linen, tons of chandeliers, lots of foliage YES FOLIAGE it was thick! not potted plants!, and more plastic-ed overtanned middle aged italian women (well they were speaking italiano...) than you could count.
and these women were HOT. not despite their age but because of it. it was amazing. and we sat and sipped waters and had a nice pretend-pretentious meal while listening in to all their husband-talk. personally, i couldnt concentrate cos their diamond rings kept shooting glints into my eye.
the restroom was cavernous, filled with ornate sculptural fixtures, lots of mirrors and fresh flowers. strange that the biggest mirror faces the toilet of course--do i need to check myself *down there*, or what?
but still. i thoroughly enjoyed my few minutes in there. so much so that, YES, i was insane enough to press myself as far into the wall of either side of that room to snap all of 2 pictures.
i never told my friend i took those photos. i hope he never sees this.
**YES i am really proud of having scored this matthew williamson top...i have no idea why it took me so long to post about it--goodness knows choo is the next collection (not raving about it AT ALL BTW) to talk about.
eitherways, i love matthew williamson and even though i cant afford his stuff (still 4-figures on heavy discount!!!!!), i will still love him and his amazing colorful vibrant aesthetic. shoutout on the sidebar!
and just to leave you with the cutest ad campaign ever. just google dentyne to see more. the premise of the ads is to re-humanize what technology's taken over in daily interactions.

Nov 10, 2009

it don't matter if you're black or white





the most amazing editorial i've seen in a while. how can you go wrong with monochrome!

Nov 2, 2009

technicolor by way of coffee

hello world!
apologies that it's been so long-- junior year is INSANE and being a law student's kind of a full time job. either ways, there's nothing like some aestheticism to perk up the dull day.
HERMES' silk scarves are legendary (don't ask me for any personal anecdotes...maybe in a few years HAHA!), and the iconic designs are on display. pop by if you can.
and now for today's feature presentation:
a most cheeky, fun TECHNICOLOR dreamscape brought to you by famed, color-loving lensman miles aldridge. his impressive body of work can be viewed HERE.





if you havent already guessed or observed, these shots were done for lavazza coffee. in particular, for their 2010 calendar! i dont envision myself getting my little paws on that anytime soon, but suffice to say these pictures are working up my appetite. for color. and caffeine.
i guess, of course, which was kind of the point.
and even more conceptually cool is the fact that the words on each photo are titles of famous operatic italian songs! not sure how nessun dorma inspired brite neon lights, but who's complaining when everything looks as good as here?
hope this brightened your day!

Oct 2, 2009

fishy business

so i got a really cool email the other day about a sustainable type of leather...
of course, what got me intrigued first was this absolutely gorgeous, quintessentially Fall campaign picture: red lips, rich colors, heavy-looking knits. 

The Icelandic Unnur Fridriksdottir, founded the company UNNURWEAR, in 2006, making high quality handbags, accessories and clothing for fashion forward women all over the world.

Translated from Icelandic to mean "waves of the ocean", Unnur’s specialty is using sea-leather in her handbags...yes FISH! The fish being used in the current collections is farm grown Icelandic Salmon and farm grown African Perch. In using sea-leather, UNNURWEAR is contributing to sustainable fashion, and not endangering any species. There is nothing fishy about that!

and i have no idea where i got this picture but it is too gorgeous NOT to post. i can stare at it for hours on end, and she really makes the hourglass look like the most amazing thing to have...complete with exaggerated shoulders, which i'm glad is showing an interesting slowdown in fashion!

the shoulder-pad purveyor extraordinaire christophe decarnin showed lots of restraint in his showing at PFW, choosing to embellish rather than go for volume outright, like what he previously did. FINALLY, i am won over by his aesthetic--rock chick/glam warrior is totally something i can get behind. i'm not sure how i'm going to approach the next season, but for now i'm happy to watch and learn from the runways. 


revisiting old photos took me to this one, taken YEARS ago-- 4 years to be exact. i'd just flown back from melbourne, and how things have changed. of the 5 of us, i'm the only still back home while they've all left to pursue various other things in life. (side note: i guess all our fashion senses have developed too... THANKFULLY!)

while i am infinitely happy to see firneds go for what they want in life, it does make me question my own path. i've literally been to the airport at least twice a week in teh past month or so, just seeing friends off, which of course means i never got on a plane during any of those instances. 

i wouldnt call things fishy...but these murky waters of life are definitely a challenge to navigate in pensive times like these.