Dec 20, 2008

how to be a mod* hippie

*mod: here could refer to either moderate or modern...either way, i opted for a watered-down version of a hippie in a recent Woodstock-themed party. read on to find out HOW and WHY. bring on the Beatles!
tribal hippie chic

of course, when i first found out, i was simultaneously aghast and excited for the sartorial challenge, but alas, all the images awaiting me on google turned out to be either impossibly styled (see above) or ridiculously humdrum. think paisley+florals+too much coverup.

plus, i didnt possess any bellbottoms. so instead of dressing for the era, i dressed for the mood...more specifically, LOVE. 

dotti heart-print top, accessorize big-ass heart earrings, tiffany and other assorted necklaces ("love", heartshaped, starfish), assorted bangles, beads, bracelets

i'm not sure how clear this photo is, but i was wearing ALOT of it. on my hands. like, over 20 pieces combined. 

luke/me, both tattooed

we had a face/bodypainting booth, and what could be more hippie than a requisite peace sign?!?!?!? i was really hoping that between the "love" jewelry and top, and a peace tattoo, that i could escape any citations for not being enough of a hippie.

didi/me, full body comparison shot

as evidenced here, with my decidedly present-day Cali attire, i wasn't too dressed for the 70s. my friend here, however, is a good example! headband, big earrings, costume jewelry, beads, leather sandals, paisley+floral prints, long skirt, colorful kaftan...she definitely checked off a essential hippie dresscode!

but, i maintain that i was dressing to fit the FREE LOVE concept of things...

didi/trish/me, all smiles while checking guests in


after all, wasn't that the essence of the 70s? having a good time always trumps anything sartorial, so while i did my best with hearts and bangles, being a good sport got me further than any floral blouse would've. 
fairy lights, pinwheels, lamps and a smoke machine completed the decor of the house. 

cheap or chic? cop out or good improvisation? either way, some hippie tips:
  1. jewelry: more is more. pile it on and keep it coming!
  2. motifs: peace, love, doves, hearts, psychedelic swirls, florals
  3. clothing items: kaftans, loose skirts, bell-bottoms, paisley/floral shirts
  4. accessories: LEATHER!! sandals, no shoes. fringe, cross-body small bags, headbands
  5. laidback attitude

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Nicole Then said...

loving your outfits! cute, hippie is fun. haha