Dec 23, 2008

happy holidays

before it gets too late for this, 

actually, christmas isnt the most glamorous of holidays, though it may appear to have that slick sheen from the baubles and trinkets and fairy lights and tinsel. Christmas is a holiday where, as i recently read/hear (cant remember), suicide rates spike. 

and there's little wonder why. amidst all the festivity and love, people without such warmth in their hearts can easily spiral into a state of depression, loneliness and dejection. so let's all choose to smile this Christmas season, despite all the Chicken Littles squawking doom and gloom and recession...

and instead focus on HAPPY HOLIDAYS with the family, and with friends, and with loved ones. because no amount of $$$ can buy you such loyalty. (although it can get you a nice shiny hermes bracelet!!! i jest.)

and if you need any inspiration on holiday glamor...

i want to look like helen mirren when i'm old...if that's even remotely possible.
although i must admit i will keep my bits in just a tad bit more. 

hopefully i get to update soon because there are Many Important Things to do before, during, and after Christmas! Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone. (tiny tim reference purely incidental)

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