Dec 15, 2008

festive red

each year, the color du jour at christmas inevitably returns to the royal mantle of RED, despite incessant attempts to wrest that title away from scarlet and into the lesser hands of blue, green, white and silver. why does red reign supreme?

maybe its visceral bloodiness, its monarchical linkages, its blinding ruby gilt...either way, red conjures up all the seduction in the world, while balancing it with a primary-color basic sensibility that still qualifies as PG. all this without any sacrifice of attention-grabbing quality or richness of hue. 

the VS angels, summertime

of course, the quintessential photo ops come courtesy of the faithful VS angels, who are many a male desire (in multiples, preferably), particularly in matchy uniforms. 

the fantasy still reigns supreme, even in the most humdrum of attire--good old denim. what's more attractive than one hot girl in skintight clothes and killer heels and a head full of long luscious hair?

9 girls in skintight clothes and killer heels and...... YEA. okay. 

j hud for Gap

and almost as trusty the angels, we have celebrity-centric GAP, with their classy, cosy ad campaigns so perfect for the yultide season. no surprises they chose to stick with a classic color like red. i didnt manage to get my hands on all the campaign photos, but red + cashmere = lovely. (or if  you're Gap, = KACHING $$$$$) capitalist strains aside, red really in the quintessential christmas color.

from Santa's coat to Rudolph's nose, cranberry jelly to pomegranate seeds, poinsetta flowers to mistletoe berries, lips, ribbon, paper, carriers, nails and sidewalks are all splashed with swathes of this rich ruby shade. in small or large doses, red really brings home the point that the festive season is indeed upon us, so Merry Christmas everyone!

and in a spot of breaking news...
the Harry Potter Exhibition, Chicago

debuting Spring 08, any HP fan will be delighted to know that all the memorabilia possible both from the books and movies has been painstakingly culled and put together for this WORLD PREMIERE of a mammoth pop culture phenom.

thereafter, it will be travelling around the US for a number of months, with plans to take it international. no dates have been released as yet, but if you are interested like me, keep a lookout!!!! i'm thoroughly excited for this and i really hope it hits the West Coast come Summer 09! tickets are currently rumoured to be priced around US$35-60. (this is merely a range of estimates, and not the actual price range).

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