Dec 28, 2008

cheap or chic...again

oftentimes, celebrities are too quick to put their name to a brand/label in exchange for the easy money that comes along with it. the trajectory of this social phenomena took a few stages:

where gift bags, sponsored clothes and, really, just pure freebies took centrestage, and celebs didnt mind one bit! after all, we're all human. advertising $$$ is saved by the brands, as they receive endorsements in place of payment for their goods, saving precious dollars for both the brand and the! KA-CHING!!!

katy perry in manish arora (as if you couldnt already read the advert...)

and i don't care how cute or kitschy this was meant to look--WEARING a merry-go-out is just not something i would do if i was PAID, let alone it being free. while katy perry may fancy herself as a self-styled fashionista, she should really stick to the vintage items she pays for, because they're in infinitely better taste than the sponsored stuff.

DUUUUUDE. i totally vote cheap, not chic.

where celebs put their name alongside a brand in a "collaboration" of sorts, mainly, as we see thanks to reality tv (kimora lee simmons, anyone?!!?), consisting of okay-ing designs churned out by employed designers, after which a premium is charged on those items. a good example: kate moss for topshop. one million pounds a collection ain't bad money.

mischa barton for stacey lapidus

unemployed OC alum mischa barton is the next "celeb" to follow that route so recently tread by the likes of LC, Whitney Port, Heidi Montag (generally all the Hills girls) and even Ashley Simpson.

more from the collection...not looking too good now, are we?

Mischa's boho-chic look, which really looks more hobo-hardup these days, has been parlayed into a money-spinning collection by stacey lapidus, consisting of 6 headbands and some bags.
goods range from $80 to $200 (USD), and considering the headbands dont require much material nor assembly...

i vote cheap, not chic.
the true designers aren't afraid to come up with their OWN labels, a la Gwen Stefani's L.a.m.b., Harajuku Lovers, and Stella McCartney even.

in other news, i hope everyone had a joyous and meaningful xmas season! i really need to find a way to take photos for myself WITHOUT a tripod...because my iSight is really low-res. plus, i dont fancy modelling in front of another person as photog...
what a pickle.

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