Dec 4, 2008

assymetrical hem

first up, sincere apologies for the lack of updating...ive been stuck at home due to exams and surely there's not much need to dress up then! fortuitously, its all over! back to blogging!
massimo dutti top, wanko pencil skirt, gucci leather belt, pedder red leather bondage shoes (i call them that!!!), balenciaga parttime lariat bag

after i put on my shoes and skirt, i wondered what to wear this with. i wanted a variation on the too-easy high-waisted look where i simply tucked a top into the skirt, so i chose a light fabric.
then i realised that i could belt the whole look togehter, and in so doing, created a cool-ass assymetrical hem on the top.

all you need to do is 'loosen' the top on your person, belt it at your waist, then pull, tuck, yank etc your top to look as if you were totally effortless, when the truth was the opposite. 

serendipitously, my belt and bag matched, and it was quite an interesting day to come, based on the morning where i put this together. i find that dressing with 1 or 2 items in mind first helps to determine the rest of the look. there's no way i would have concocted this randomly without first wearing the shoes and skirt which really anchored this for me.

people mag's griping on tv starlets...

personally, i'm much more of a GG fan than a 90210 one. i'm not entirely sure if that has to do with my affinity for East > West coast, or the sheer fact that leighton and blake are classier, or damnnit that BEV HILLS 90210 will forever be the original!

either ways, while skinniness may be worshipped in the LALAland, i know for sure that the constance billard girls would own west bev's skinny ass any day. also, i sure wouldnt call the GG stars... "CURVY"!!!! i guess that's just hollywoodspeak for 'normal'. 

romeo, brooklyn, david, cruz.

so who's the cutest of them all?!?!?
i definitely had to put up this picture of the beckham boys because i used to always not see the 3 boys as separate entities. UNTIL NOW.
slowly but surely, they've each been developing style and personality traits to call their own. big brother brooklyn is mama's boy, romeo--i mean his name says it all, and cruz is the b-boy so fly he steals the thunder of his dad. 

i heart romeo, this picture truly makes it obvious that despite a ridiculous gene pool, not all children are created equal. of course, God is fair, and romeo's good looks are definitely to make up for his soon-to-emerge middle child syndrome. 
i just know it.

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