Nov 9, 2008

winter editorial: BAGS

since runways are always a season or 2 ahead, and given that the ss09 shows are now upon us, it is fitting, i think, for the Bestest Latest This Season au courant WINTER EDITORIAL*.
*of course, i call it that just to give the whole thing a nicer ring, but i think today the pictures shall speak far louder than my hollow words on this topic.
but before that!! THANK YOU FOR VOTING, those of you who bothered, and i think its quite clear what it is that i should be writing about...the categories you chose, in order:
1. personal life (7 votes..imagine, my highest ranked category is STILL singledigited TSK!)
2. fashion + musings TIED (4 votes each)
3. intellectual trivia received a meagre 2 votes...i guess i best leave that to the water cooler (HOHO insert canned laughter for that very Bad Joke)
so, i shall bear those preferences in mind, occasionally, when i write. as you know, i find it difficult to share anything too personal here, but fingers crossed, right?
made with Balenciaga's signature cracked goat leather, (clearest in the bottom right picture, blue clutch) these clutches come with the finishings of Ghesquire's under-the-radar success of the Lune series. the picture below should give you a pretty clear indication of the cohesiveness of the clutch variants with their lofty lunar predecessor...
but in the best, iciest, most wintry colors--blue and black.
now without any overt backstreet-boy-album-from-this-century reference, look and gape.

now speaking of icy wintry colors,
THIS bag is a true gem. soft pink shagreen (tell me HOW you find pink stingrays!), lovely sky blue and dusty lavender-mauve panels with BLACK accents (omg Genius!) and transluscent acetate + the standard single metal chainlinks, i truly have not beheld such a gorgeous sight in my life. this color combination is ethereal and brilliantly conceived, balancing girliness with a nice rough edginess.
and nothing against the first incarnation of the cherche... But...

of course, business-wise it is excellent never to show your hand too soon--keep churning out a faction more of your genius with each successive collection and perhaps that is the key to having buyers like ME who cannnot get enough rush out to get the latest one.
BAD NEWS, however,
the cherche midi is NOT available in the Singapore branch of BALENCIAGA, so you fiends will have to do what i did and head overseas for your fix. need not go all the way to fashion capitals like london or paris, nor even tokyo or HK closer to home:
i got mine in vietnam! (politically incorrect statemetn alert: the beauty of developing nations is that the rich-poor gap remains large, hence necessitating far more extensive luxury stocks compared to a *RELATIVELY* more egalitarian Singapore.)

MARNI, ss08
again, the green and white combo jsut IMMEDIATELY made me want to post up this reidiculously lovely sandal here..again:
black white and green genius...
thou in certain parts of the country (particularly in mny area HMPH!), that Very Phrase could mean something quite different altogether. but let's not go there shall we? we've had one un-PC moment for the day as it is. knowing smirks and nudge-nudge chuckles will suffice for now. AHEM!

RAFE TOTENGCO melissa python tote
MR TOTENGCO, an upcoming designer, has this lovely snakeskin creation_ structured, subtle (Birkin reference much??) and richly textured, sometimes no label is the best kind of label one can have...
which is in a large part why i favor BALENCIAGA... but that's just my intensely cultivated bias speaking.

the next post will be more fashion stuff--NOT ACCESSORIES ive had enough of them!

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