Nov 13, 2008

winter editorial #2

more quick tips and hardhitters as the holiday season approaches!
also, i've recently been toying with the idea of posting outfit photos here...i was planning to use my iSight to take shots and have people peruse...
although i know personal life ranked #1, i do think i want to continue to make this a platform for op-eds, fashion, and the latest stuff my radar picks up. food, thankfully, will no longer be featured. it hurts too much to be snapping away--i dont even bring cameras to restaurants anymore!
any thoughts or feedback on this!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

YSL's noveau francais... manicure. HAHA
the classic french mani has been beautifully reinterpreted by YSL--and who better to do that! navy blue with a white tip--or if you prefer to mix it up even more, do a switcheroo and have white with blue tips! either way, its tres cool and will definitely catch everyone's eye! especially if you're:
-holding on to the handrail on the bus/train
-flicking through your notes compartment of your wallet
-running yr fingers through yr hair
-playing an instrument
-you get the point. lovely!

i mean, everyone loves christopher bailey!!! everyone!!! from That Collection in 07--the urban warrior princess, the Agyness, the campaign, the fragrance, the studded everything--he's really shaken up the traditional tartan check of this Brit fashion house.
and i completely loved fw08, all fur and hardware and boots and hats and belts--this being my favoritest runway look. luxe, rich, even cozy...its hip to be square if youre at burberry! of course, it's not going to be easy translating this look to real life (unless you are really loaded)---but i think metallics, textured clothes and heavy accessorizing will get you halfway there!

having ust graduated from antwerp, stylebubble introduced all fashion devotees to this gem of a designer. look at the silhouettes! strong shoulders, structured sleeves, and all this construction PLUS a painterly, silkscreen print that's part psychedelico part modernist rose garden?

and those BOOTS!!! thigh high pulled up, or slouchy scrungy grungy cool pulled down, have them whichever way you like, whatever length you like, theyre gonna make every and any drab or ordinary outlet look Pretty Damn Fine.

and just one of the the fierciest awesomest profiles i have seen in a while! i dont know her name, Ms Fierce Model, but look what wonders blunt bangs and thick hair can do to a gaunt face!?
the full-on laser-like intensity of her glare is testament to her confidence.
and i guess, regardless of what the season is, SELF CONFIDENCE is the coolest accessory of all!

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