Nov 18, 2008


yes i know, i can rival monsieur henry holland with that, cant i? nothing some inspired fashion fury cant do. its ALMOST as good as do me daily christopher bailey.
chanel's latest creation

this would be the Kaiser's worst faux pas EVER. messily "folded" and impossibly clumsy-looking, more tragic is his attempted homage to coco chanel's too-cool-too-chic heritage:
nastily printed with "coco chanel" and "rue cambon", i don't see how this bag speaks of any of the classiness that coco herself embodied. and yes, while i'm sure the bag is folded to impeccable measurements, this is no 2.55 in the making. you'd think with the financial crisis, designers would be less slovenly with their recycled ideas...(no one's dropping $$$ like the bling-bling days anymore, people!)


i'm really not sure what else to say about your latest...monstrosity. i am a fan, but at least when valentino was getting on in years, he stuck to classics he knew were artistic. you cant put mademoiselle's name and address and expect it to be tres chic...more like tres triste. :(

love, andrea. 

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