Nov 13, 2008

the snapshot debut!

ok i am supremely nervous about this new experiment...not an experiment per se, but to me its a pretty big step: posting photos online!
i call it the snapshot debut and essentially what i will be aiming to do is to put up photos of myself and detailing what i'm wearing for the day. of course, i am currently too lazy to change, so you will have to make do with what i actually wore on this cloudy day.

cotton on colorblock top, dotti black jeans, calvin klein knit cardigan
balenciaga slim bag with giant silver hardware
color true to life, as taken 7 months ago. either that, or my bag has suffered the ravages of dirt, travel and time, hence rendering it a much more murky color than it initially was. 

what do you think of this experiment?! i hope to do more in the future, and if there are any violent protests to my admittedly BLAH outfit, my only rejoinder is that i went to school for one lecture today and didnt put thought into what i wore!

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