Nov 7, 2008

sgt peppers lonely hearts club band: IN REAL LIFE.

there are many stereotypes surrounding us actors: divas! temperamental! attention-seeking! whores!!!!!!!!
and no one's necessarily disagreeing with any of those Most Astute Observations, but i'd like to say at least for myself and the actors i know, that that's not all there is to us.

hence, installment #2! more behind-the-scene looks at the wonderful world of theatre (at least cobbled together from the pictures i have tried so hard to hunt down) This on in particular, i could not but share it with everyone that has the chance to see this for themselves (TELL YR FRIENDS IF THEY LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!! i nearly damn well lost my wits seeing this happen real life!)

this is one of the first pieces i got to sink my teeth into in my first year: wide eyed, eager, ready as a sponge could be.

close-up... does it look familiar? make a guess before you scroll down...

YES!!!! its a re-creation, detail down to painstaking detail, of the BEATLES' SGT PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND album artwork. imagine the absolute delight of mr pymm, as british a brit as can be, seeing one of the music industry's most iconic albums recreated infront of his very eyes...complete with 3D sandbox, faux-flower lettering, brass instruments, lifesize blownup poster backdrop (canvas, no less!) and, to top it all off, a live girl coming to life and walking right out of that scene!!! (see picture above)
there's much more where that came from, but suffice to say that this piece was about the hedonism and carelessness of the 60s, then contrasted to the corporatization of the West and its devastating effects on hippie-dom. complete with psychedelic washes (doing those gels was kinda crazy! like making the Sistine's stained-glass), and of course, the SOUNDTRACK to end all soundtracks.

(more on this if anyone is interested..?!?!?)

so i previously posted about my travails in TSD as a makeup artist, and regardless of how much i loved helping people look like what they saw in their mind's eye, none of that could ever compare to being onstage myself.
we were immensely privileged to have been generously afforded our own block, convniently located AWAY from teh classroom blocks, enabling our many misadventures and "rehearsals" cooked up to get out of class. this is our own sanctuary, where all the magic begins...

our very own black box (i mean, which other school has their own frcking black box!>!?!?)
i distinctly remember that mornign where everyone was mobilized to come back and paint the room.. INSANITY. even by our impossible tsd standards. lovely memories all round!

affectionately named as the counter to the black box, the studio--bigger, comfier, brighter...and the only place with a full length roomsized mirror. this studio was popular with:
puppeteers, dancers, anyone who needed to look at themselves, narcissistic actors (OOPS) and really, anyone wanting to watch themselves in action.

personally, i staged everything in Night, when my monologues gave me freedom of choice. the mirror freaked me out, and i really didnt want a nice warm happy bright red cushiony space!
when it came to anything communal thou, DAY was indeed a lovely shining sun of a studio.

but the truth is, regardless of where it is that we worked endlessly, perfecting our craft, honing our skill, polishing our accents and learning our lines:

tsd is just one of those experiences in life you dont easily forget, if at all. my deep affection for theatre and the people that help to shape it only managed to achieve somewhat of an outpouring through al the work that tsd afforded me...
now, having done 2 professional (semi-professional!>!??!) plays,

i can safely say that the cocoon of tsd kept my heart warm and my passion flowing, and no other experience can logically compare to all that was done in those studios.

the ownership of all we did was evident in the pride and regard with whch we treated everything related to tsd, and the unwillingness of all of us to remove our stage-standard uniform of BLACKS, whether or not we were attracted stares in school for being the mavericks everyone saw us as anyway.

attempting to even put these thoughts and emotions into words is a deeply profound experience for me--i'm not quite sure as to how i can ever begin to justify what i have experienced, and even more, what i have felt.

like the Beatles did,
sometimes you look to mediums other than the spoken word to convey wht you feel.
CATHARSIS--something all artistes seek through doing what they do: music, art, theatre. tsd gave me that for 2 glorious unadulterated years. and more than i can say for most things in my life.

thoughts on what makes YOU tick?

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