Nov 21, 2008

Recent Hipster Honorees

oscar season is barely upon us, but this week, there have been 2 noteworthy awards given out!

1. CFDA/Vogue Awards
alexander wang/sophie buhai/lisa maycock/albert swanepoel

now, while many "industry insiders" have been raving about alexander wang and his grunge-chic aesthetic since forever, underground hipster cool doesnt translate into $$$$ nearly as well as a prestigious award does! (see Proenza Schouler, Phillip Lim

add Erin Wasson into the mix, stir in some troll-sen twinsies, flower-child richie and assorted runway stompers, and you have the perfect recipe for recognition. because the Establishment needs to prove it's got wit' the program.

but seriously, i agree his clothes reinvented a whole genre, and its wonderfully insouciant and brash and loose and carelessly chic, but i DO think it is too pricey...3-digit plain tees, i mean only if youre yohji yamamoto do you do that! i'm sure theres far more to come from him thou, so fingers crossed! (in anticipation, i'm not being bitchy about him!)

much congrats also to the VENA CAVA girls!!! WOOT (see sidebar hehehe!) as well as mr swanepoel the milliner--making the word mad hatter have a whole new spin.

2. GQ's annual Men of the Year List
President-Elect Barack Obama 
(seriously, need i even TYPE the man's name!!??!?)

much has been said, and my efforts could in no measure compare to the eloquence of the platitudes dedicated to this man in recent months/weeks, as well as to come. so, i think its a cultural watershed when you've got a President who's cool/hip enough to grace the cover of a impossibly on-the-pulse, so-chic-it-hurts mens magazine. 

i've read GQ and i love it, i think any man who wants to be taken seriously ought to invest in a copy...
IN FACT, for this issue, you can pick from 4 noteworthy cover-models, rounding it up:
Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Phelps, Jon Hamm

all 4 of them (barack included, i can count!) have been so appropriately nominated to be GQ's Men of the Year. so you see, America IS the land of the free. because even if you're Republican and you lost, you've still got a damn choice at the newsstand.

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