Nov 24, 2008

prince of prints

malia & sasha obama

now before the feature presentation, a news update:
the obamas have OFFICIALLY chosen sidwell friends as the private school the girls will attend. (cheers, i bet right. that's why hillary and michelle were talking, yall!)

as you do your holiday shopping, you might want to do some anticipatory sneaking around--what's DEFINITELY hot for next year: prints prints prints.
and i don't mean the standard gucci-monogram/burberry-check/pucci-swirls.

junya watanabe

evoking something i felt was distinctly marc jacobs, country-esque straw and cloverfield pictures were underscored by paisley prints, gingham picnic-squares, flowerfield florals and motifs of apples, hearts and leaves. such sunny serenity makes one just want to pluck a flower out of those Africanesque headwraps and smell the roses.

christian dior, backstage

dior also put up prints, albeit more muted versions than the inspired exuberance found elseplace. (interesting take from the usuallly unbridled house..) john galliano used spotty animal prints and cute shorter hemlines to welcome in spring. nothing too groundbreaking, really. i guess the picture speaks for itself.


now this collection was beautiful. more like, crazy/beautiful. but this was no kirsten dunst-like mess. PRINT! COLOR! spots, stripes, tesselations, eyelets, checks, colorblocks--everything was thrown on, thrown together, yet never looked like an art studio gone wrong. consuelo castiglioni tempered silhouettes with belted waists and candy-colored cardigans and the simplest of platforms.
too beautiful.

this is definitely a look i will be flagging when i think about what to shop for this holiday season!

dries van noten, ss08

of course, dries van noten is the printmeister bar none. i unabashedly proclaim my love and his fashion-forwardness, because these gorgeous multilayered colorful worldtraveller prints are courtesy of him, ONE WHOLE YEAR (that's 2 seasons ahem) prior to these other chums.

a year later, i will continue to discuss the beauty of his confections.
contrasting prints and colors meshed in an incredible kaleidoscope of floral/ethnic abstractness, that, when put together, looked classy (not busy!) and relaxed at the same time.

again, 2 seasons ago, people. now get me this man's number, stat!
the next question to be begged:
what did Dries put out this year, then?

dries van noten, ss09

well, never one to be off the mark, prints still ruled the runway, albeit in a new-age, hyperreal, graphic sensibility that one has missed from the exploding runways of recent seasons.
restrained without being repetitive or boring, grids, stripes and checkerboards were king this season, everything pared down to black and white.

urban, jet-set, elegant, quietly refined and not at all ostentatious.
seems very much like what we need to project amid such perilous economic times. so who said you need to cut your fashion budget first? (only do it when chanel spits out a bag like that)

again, something i'll be looking out for when i browse the racks this holiday! what will you be looking out for when bargain-hunting?

photo credits: style, nyt

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