Nov 27, 2008

presents with presence: holiday shopping!

it is the eve of BLACK FRIDAY. hence, in commemoration of its commencement, i am excited and proud to present some holiday shopping picks of the festive season! everything starts TOMORROW. go go go!
given the pervasiveness of online retail, its no wonder that most stores looking to capture a tech-savvy audience are rolling out the festivities online. 
here are some of my favorite options you can get for your girlfriends and sisters and moms! (sorry, no picks for boys...)

PUCCI, the new kid on the block

arguably the chicest print house (aside for Hermes' silk scarves), pucci is the latest to jump on the online store wagon by debuting its store just in time for the craziness of christmas shopping! 

the perfect scarves, print-loaded bangles, full skirts and crazy shades await! make like nicole richie and tie up your hair in  a makeshift bandana. either ways, definitely worth a look--pucci prints are instantly recognizable and have immense cachet; perfect for that summer break and a keeper for any beach holiday!

buy it for:
your lady-of-leisure (aspiring ones included) high tea gal pals

balenciaga and their holiday picks

i really don't even need to explain how who why where what when: balenciaga ANYTHING would be a satisfactory gift for anyone! especially if they appreciate workmanship, heritage, and insta-chic. 

and if you don't wanna blow your $$$ on a bag, you can definitely spare some cash for its too-cute little purses: perfect for pulling out of your tote and stashing money in. girls will love it, especially when its for a night out and you have a tiny purse and all you wanna bring are your cellphone, keys and credit card. (they've even updated their christmas store as you can see, picking wintry shades of white, ivory, ruby and slick metallics!)

buy it for:
your on-the-pulse glamorific party animals

tory burch's holiday must-haves

with one of the coolest still-uncopied emblems, fabulous leather, and legendary accessories, tory burch exemplifies the hip young aesthetic of a modern woman...i mean, girl!

more affordable than most and certainly worth the investment, tory burch's accessories have garnered a cult following in past years. best thing? the bewildered look, followed by a "i knew that" recovery on the just-flaunt-it monogrammed chicks that don't know their stuff well enough. 

buy it for:
your carefree fun-loving boho-chic girlfriends

godiva's festive offerings and packaging

i mean, does anyone really go wrong with chocolate? much less from Lady Godiva herself! the Tiffany of the chocolate world, the famous gold box (just like the turquoise one) is enough to induce flights of fancy and confectionary dreams. 

and seriously, a fancy red ribbon with a christmas ornament on it!??!?! it's so pretty you won't want to unwrap it....or not.

penn badgley and blake lively, or dan and serena if you prefer

little wonder THESE TWO are blowing their GG Gs on tons of chocolate. given the size of one bonbon, i'm almost delirious at the amount they've bought. way to spread the christmas cheer!

buy it for:
your...self? actually, ANYONE who deserves a little pick-me-up this season. it's small, inexpensive, and will bring a smile to anyone's face.

juicy couture's limited edition flute charm

another small and cute item...not from a brand i endorse or enjoy, but definitely a good way to end the year on a toast! this is supercute without being cheesy, and so versatile you can put it on your keychains, latest purse, or as an addition to your charm bracelets. 

buy it for:
yourself, with a matching one for your best friend.

OK so those are my holiday picks for the season, and while there's tons more to go around, what's most important is the people you buy these gifts for. 

happy thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it) and merry christmas. more holiday ideas to come: what to buy, what to wear, and what i'll be wearing. (hopefully)

in the meantime, its still exam season for me, so i regret that posting has not been the most exciting. still, december is the most exciting time of year: family, friends, champagne, parties, turkey, chocolate and love. cheers xoxoox


Eleh said...

someone get me a balenciaga!

leyandrea13 said...

eleh let me make u a deal.
IF U teach me how to thrift like u, i will happily lend u my bags! do not want too much disclosure here and of course this is all in good fun but wot say u. you have some really awesome finds and i admit ive never been to a flea EVER. dies.