Nov 22, 2008

porcelain and pixels

i came across this image in the past week--i mean people were pushing the boundaries of material (chocolate, laser-cut cloth, quadruple-wash, mirrored palliates, dipdyed, vinyl, etc etc etc), but THIS. 
li xiaofeng porcelain dress

this is wearable art. in no way practical nor sensible, but truly cutting-edge (no pun intended) and very pretty, from a completely aesthetic point of view. 
and i love how as a Chinese designer, the primary material was a very Chinese item, yet presented in an utterly modern way. i'm not sure my verbal clumsiness is doing justice to the labor of love that is this work of art. 

but suffice to say that no OTHER clumsiness will be tolerated if you wear that. haha.

mischa barton in matthew williamson

seeing this dress reminded me of the wonderful collection that mr williamson put out for FW08, that somehow got forgotten in the midst of the other whistles and fireworks. to me, what stood out about his collection was his treatment of florals.

now as we know, balenciaga basically staked a chokehold on florals, and structure shoulders, and crazy gladiators. and it was so hard to find anything truly inspired when it came to florals for a while. after all, its a print (Dries van Noten aside...), and not easy to reinvent. 

but just looking at these 3 pieces collectively, i love how he chose to pixellate the flowers--i mean HOW GENIUS is that!? i won't even postulate as to the implications of his inspired touch (technology, the digital age, whatnot), but i think i could never look at florals quite the same way anymore.

and that's what claiming territory is all about--when you become the reference point. 

photo credits: the blue zebra, style, fyb

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