Nov 15, 2008


calvin klein pleated top, nuroots wideleg pants, nine west satin heels, balenciaga cherche midi bag, tiffany & co heart tag bracelet.

loeffler randall's ss09 lookbook is out, and it is FULL of pleats. and ruffles. and satin. and anything that's, really, kinda spring-esque Romantique. of course, that's NOT my style. but it doesnt mean i dont appreciate the beautiful workmanship!

so this outfit was just my way of incorporating pleats. you can do girly too, i reckon. but that's just not me. 
close-up of the calvin klein top--the pleating was as intricate as i managed to find, althou the pleats at the shoulder were chiffon instead of the same vicose/cotton material for the rest of it. also, the skinny pleat down the bias of the top? its got a skinny strip of velvet in the centre of the whole thing, like a luxe little spine to give it some backbone (haha).

and this is the other side. not a very flattering photo, but just to show how the material has been manipulated. 

and again. i mean, seriously. the only reason why i'm blogging so frequently is because i am currently in the midst IN THE MIDST YES of a 66 hour weekend paper on comparative legal traditions and NO it is not as simple as it sounds! without going into painful detail, let's jsut say i need an escape.

and speaking of which...
THIS is what's helping me get through it all. benefits of living where i live where i get all this like, mere minutes away. family support does count in such perilous times! 

and i dont care how many truffles it takes.
althou, i must admit it does not help the fashion cause i try to be devoted to... but more on that another time.

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