Nov 25, 2008

how to wear a white tank top

UPDATE: matthew williamson x H&M, 23April09
terribly exciting, and also slightly disappointing (i'm not sure if H&M here will be open by April 09!), but its matthew williamson, not, say, nicholas ghesquire or elber albaz. STILL. MOST EXCITING NEWS OF THE WEEK!!!!!
SPREAD THE NEWS I RECKON. u heard it here first.

one of the most ubiquitous fashion staples due to its versatility, the white tank top is definitely never OUT in the sartorial stakes. plus, it will fit the austere christmas mood that's descended onto most homes. time to dress down for a while, folks. 

nicky hilton, the "Other Hilton Sister"

trying her darnest to channel erin wasson's hippie-grunge-cool vibe, i find nicky's dressed-up leather booties and red balenciaga (!!! same shade as mine!!!) slightly at odds with her crappy (but undoubtedly hella$$$$$) denim cut-offs.

or maybe that clash was EXACTLY what she was going for. you know how it is--- do something no one gets, then claim the applause coming from them slapping their foreheads. 
still, its a rather put-together look and you really cant go wrong with Fierce Shoes and a Cool Bag. (AHEM, the beautiful frock, anyone??)

**PS: remember never to wear a bra. -_-

too-hot-to-be-a-dad-of-2 ryan phillippe 

fabulous LA street style! camo berms, Vans skate shoes, random tatts, white tank top and tucked-in mystery necklace. (nice dog-tag images should flood your dirty minds now) of course, the Pimpin' Ride and scowling face just up the appeal even more. 

sometimes a man says way more wearing a plain white tank than those annoying slogan tees...
the dumpster's a callin, henry holland!

**PS: remember never to wear a bra. -_-

so guy or girl, east coast or west coast, summer or winter, the white tank top can be co-opted however you want. i'll just wear mine with fitted jeans (from all that eating) and a sharp blazer for the season (...or so says alexander mcQueen!)

and for the last word on dressing down basics:
britney spears, comeback kid circa 2008, for Rolling Stone

any music industry insider knows that of all the magazine covers to land, THIS IS IT. the birkin of music-press. i'm super super uber chuffed for one of my favorite stars! (yes, STILL.) looking super natural, fresh-faced, and (dare i say it!) FIT and fabulous, britney is preparing for her big album drop this season, CIRCUS.

fresh off the success of her single womanizer, i guess she's back on the wagon from the trainwreck. when girl starts tying up tshirts, you KNOW she's got serious!!!

photo credits: perezhilton, fyb

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