Nov 28, 2008

he's just not that into you

the film version of the bestselling book has just released its trailer...and judging by the looks of it, its gonna be a wonderful alternative to the usual valentines day dates. additionally, its ratings GOLD with a ridiculously star-powered cast including scarlett johansson, jennifer aniston, ginnifer goodwin, justin long and drew barrymore (HEHE), kevin connolly, ben affleck and jennifer connolly.


ever feel like you have to play the dating game?
i confess that i'm one of the hugest proponents of waiting, watching, call-only-after-3-days, offer-to-pay-but-its-just-to-test-him, chivalry and all the ridiculousness that goes into the delicate dance-around of dating. 

and i'm sincerely hoping that this movie has more to teach than the usual ideas that love isn't something you joke about or play around with; i don't want the usual conclusions of genuineness and wearing your heart on your sleeve. honesty may be the best policy, but i'm never gonna say never. it sounds like a super-exciting movie that will bring not just laughter but many areas to prompt some introspection.
everyone can do with more of that. 

as is oft-quoted:
hate the player, don't hate the game.

prada limited edition beanie baby keychains, $117

now arent these adorable?!!? sometimes its good to know that with creatures like these, unrequited love is never gonna happen. same thing with dogs. not so with cats.

and something i'd really like to wear

a day to myself by leyandrea
have a great weekend everyone!

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