Nov 4, 2008

election headlines: FREEBIES

so its officially the 4th of november, and EVERYONE's getting in on election action--right down to your friendly neighbourhood MNC's money-making outpost. in a typically Americana get-the-vote-out incentive, private companies famous the world over have not forgotten their roots in America.
so regardless of who takes the White House, as long as people participate in this historic event, there's something in it for them! and unlike the tax proposals, this is truly an equal opportunity for every single person eligible to vote.

top 3 election freebies!!!:

1) BEN & JERRYS, leading the charge!
a free scoop wth every vote. what a sweet way to end...of course, questions of whether people will line up for hours all over again after having just done it--well, that remains to be seen.

2) KRISPY KREME getting in on the action too.
and check out the cute limited edition doughnut they've made! gotta love it.

3) STARBUCKS, everyone's favorite beverage.
(if you're american). a free tall coffee with every voting slip, how nice!

and to give the american people one last day of hope and anticipation by rewarding them with what is, essentially, a handout in such hard times--well that just keeps the dream alive for a few more hours before the new policies kick in, and people may have to wake up to a reality they've been fighting hard to transfigure.

this is more than just about voting incentives or, were you not to believe that, about rewarding people for their vote. the circus has indeed come to town, but when the music stops playing and the Big Top recedes into the background, Reality steps right back in the next day. and the companies...OF COURSE they're giving out freebies! any step to further ensure customer loyalty is thoroughly important, considering that both candidates' policies are likely to be detrimental in some way:

Obama: increasing capital gains' taxes will shrink MNC profits, even if these are F&B outlets with less outsourcing propensity.
McCain: continued and increased tax cuts will see the income gap widen, shrinking the base of people these mass-market brands depend on, and cutbacks on designer sweets and coffee will definitely precede loan defaults.

SO! yes, vote, collect your freebie--but remember. life isnt always gonna be so sweet.

of course, if all else fails and the candidate you support DOESNT win...
i think the best way is to go directly to The Man Up There who controls things.
F*** THE RAIN brolly, $68
if the finger doesnt work in helping you deflect your rage, i dont know what will. and doing that in such plain sight of where lighting comes from..i think i'd check my insurance policy first.
better yet, pick Obama for universal healthcare.

more headlines to come!

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