Nov 7, 2008

election headlines: anatomy of a race

people all over the world are weighing in on what was nothing short of history-making: the election of Barack Obama to the highest office of arguably the greatest nation on earth. but words can only speak so loudly and for so long, and a picture does say a thousnad words. SO.

voters against the stark backdrop of a late night, standing in line to exercise what they know as their most decisive voice in the toolbox labelled "freedom of speech".
many singaporeans would do well to recognise that fact: one man, one vote. such equality of process and say is hard to come by, not to mention the effect of such a simple task on the state of politics in any (self-declared) democracy.

and history makes itself. one more time. the same glaring lights (hopefully, under his administration, will be powered by alternative energy sources) underscoring the lines on his face testament to the months of work.

america's first african-american "first lady", cheering on her fellow chicago native. one of the most influential figures outside of politics to weigh in on the elections, oprah heartily threw her support and moolah behind obama.

and of course, with the stars and stripes, a true son of the United States of America. his victory speech, while restrained and measured, was no less loaded with imagery and rallying messages of hope, sweeping change, and an incredible unity of heritage.

and the one person in Camp Red who arguably didnt stand to lose anything: MS PALIN.
capatalizing on the veep ticket for youself is one thing, but to release a calendar to boot!??!?! i'm sorry but even offshore alaska aint far enough from the mainland for this eskimo-ed equivalent of a bootlicking hillbilly.
but hey,
that's politics--if she deftly and nimbly manages to parlay all this attention (negative or not notwithstanding) into a case for herself as either a politician or an entertainer, then good for her.
i'm just betting that, like this calendar, people won't buy it.

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