Nov 14, 2008

comme des garçons + H&M

comme des garçons + H&M = $ =/= $$$$$ = looooooong queues.
tell me one more time why we have no H&M nor target here.
i used to think it was great we didn't have such chain stores, cos people would end up all wearing the same things. it's already happened with the likes of Topshop. but still. when these stores collaborate with comme and jonathan saunders (OMG!), it's hard not to wish they were here, asserting their imperialist capitalism in our former British colony. so much irony, its poetic.

of course, poetic is the word to describe the clothes, and HARDLY the word to describe the lines and competitiion i can only shudder at the thought of. susie bubble will be posting a video at some point regarding this, on her blog.

ok here's the video--i guess the UK is quite the Q-meister country as well! cheers! and i must say, true to form, that their English civility and politeness is really really startling. lovely!

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