Nov 19, 2008

black and white

SO. a slightly excruciating exploration of chthonic, talmudic, islamic, hindu-indian, civil and common law traditions (YES, those 6 came out in the paper) later, i have before and after photos of myself.  what was common was the monochromatic scheme of it all...quite an accurate mirror of my life now. december awaits!

super-comfy super-dorky homewear! fingers crossed this doesnt come back to haunt me
unknown black tank, woodland cow-print tights (from my younger days, i was delighted to have rediscovered them!)

sam/leon/jin/simon/cheryl/me. the usual 6.
all smiles at dempsey, where we whiled the day away, dining on French cuisine at Au Petit Salut (well-deserved, i tell you!), and assorted drinks at Olio Dome.

zara dress with cutouts, esther tay skirt, repetto black patent leather classic ballet flats, unknown belt (cheap-as!), balenciaga parttime lariat bag.

and again. love how you can carry it 2 ways--handles or shoulder strap. 

and one final black/white photo:
the inimitable johnny depp  in what is officially the first leaked/released (you never know, with Perez) photos of him as The Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's new movie based on alice in wonderland. now didnt you just LOVE that book!?!?

he looks...freakishly bizarre, which is quite the usual look Mr Burton seems so constantly inclined to give him. but i suppose when the world over can think you're sexy whether sporting dreads or metal hands, what's a big tophat or 2 once in a while?


Nicole Then said...

Cute and classic outfit!

Linked you ;)

detailsofthefabric said...

great outfit! =) i especially like the red bag!

leyandrea13 said...

thanks, cheers!

thanks so much! are we blogrolling each otehr> ahha