Nov 29, 2008

shop now: Calvin Klein

calvin klein collection ss09

these discounts don't happen everyday, so GO GO GO! if you liked the minimalism of francisco costa and his clean lines, unfussy shapes and quality tailoring, 

Nov 28, 2008

he's just not that into you

the film version of the bestselling book has just released its trailer...and judging by the looks of it, its gonna be a wonderful alternative to the usual valentines day dates. additionally, its ratings GOLD with a ridiculously star-powered cast including scarlett johansson, jennifer aniston, ginnifer goodwin, justin long and drew barrymore (HEHE), kevin connolly, ben affleck and jennifer connolly.


ever feel like you have to play the dating game?
i confess that i'm one of the hugest proponents of waiting, watching, call-only-after-3-days, offer-to-pay-but-its-just-to-test-him, chivalry and all the ridiculousness that goes into the delicate dance-around of dating. 

and i'm sincerely hoping that this movie has more to teach than the usual ideas that love isn't something you joke about or play around with; i don't want the usual conclusions of genuineness and wearing your heart on your sleeve. honesty may be the best policy, but i'm never gonna say never. it sounds like a super-exciting movie that will bring not just laughter but many areas to prompt some introspection.
everyone can do with more of that. 

as is oft-quoted:
hate the player, don't hate the game.

prada limited edition beanie baby keychains, $117

now arent these adorable?!!? sometimes its good to know that with creatures like these, unrequited love is never gonna happen. same thing with dogs. not so with cats.

and something i'd really like to wear

a day to myself by leyandrea
have a great weekend everyone!

Nov 27, 2008

presents with presence: holiday shopping!

it is the eve of BLACK FRIDAY. hence, in commemoration of its commencement, i am excited and proud to present some holiday shopping picks of the festive season! everything starts TOMORROW. go go go!
given the pervasiveness of online retail, its no wonder that most stores looking to capture a tech-savvy audience are rolling out the festivities online. 
here are some of my favorite options you can get for your girlfriends and sisters and moms! (sorry, no picks for boys...)

PUCCI, the new kid on the block

arguably the chicest print house (aside for Hermes' silk scarves), pucci is the latest to jump on the online store wagon by debuting its store just in time for the craziness of christmas shopping! 

the perfect scarves, print-loaded bangles, full skirts and crazy shades await! make like nicole richie and tie up your hair in  a makeshift bandana. either ways, definitely worth a look--pucci prints are instantly recognizable and have immense cachet; perfect for that summer break and a keeper for any beach holiday!

buy it for:
your lady-of-leisure (aspiring ones included) high tea gal pals

balenciaga and their holiday picks

i really don't even need to explain how who why where what when: balenciaga ANYTHING would be a satisfactory gift for anyone! especially if they appreciate workmanship, heritage, and insta-chic. 

and if you don't wanna blow your $$$ on a bag, you can definitely spare some cash for its too-cute little purses: perfect for pulling out of your tote and stashing money in. girls will love it, especially when its for a night out and you have a tiny purse and all you wanna bring are your cellphone, keys and credit card. (they've even updated their christmas store as you can see, picking wintry shades of white, ivory, ruby and slick metallics!)

buy it for:
your on-the-pulse glamorific party animals

tory burch's holiday must-haves

with one of the coolest still-uncopied emblems, fabulous leather, and legendary accessories, tory burch exemplifies the hip young aesthetic of a modern woman...i mean, girl!

more affordable than most and certainly worth the investment, tory burch's accessories have garnered a cult following in past years. best thing? the bewildered look, followed by a "i knew that" recovery on the just-flaunt-it monogrammed chicks that don't know their stuff well enough. 

buy it for:
your carefree fun-loving boho-chic girlfriends

godiva's festive offerings and packaging

i mean, does anyone really go wrong with chocolate? much less from Lady Godiva herself! the Tiffany of the chocolate world, the famous gold box (just like the turquoise one) is enough to induce flights of fancy and confectionary dreams. 

and seriously, a fancy red ribbon with a christmas ornament on it!??!?! it's so pretty you won't want to unwrap it....or not.

penn badgley and blake lively, or dan and serena if you prefer

little wonder THESE TWO are blowing their GG Gs on tons of chocolate. given the size of one bonbon, i'm almost delirious at the amount they've bought. way to spread the christmas cheer!

buy it for:
your...self? actually, ANYONE who deserves a little pick-me-up this season. it's small, inexpensive, and will bring a smile to anyone's face.

juicy couture's limited edition flute charm

another small and cute item...not from a brand i endorse or enjoy, but definitely a good way to end the year on a toast! this is supercute without being cheesy, and so versatile you can put it on your keychains, latest purse, or as an addition to your charm bracelets. 

buy it for:
yourself, with a matching one for your best friend.

OK so those are my holiday picks for the season, and while there's tons more to go around, what's most important is the people you buy these gifts for. 

happy thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it) and merry christmas. more holiday ideas to come: what to buy, what to wear, and what i'll be wearing. (hopefully)

in the meantime, its still exam season for me, so i regret that posting has not been the most exciting. still, december is the most exciting time of year: family, friends, champagne, parties, turkey, chocolate and love. cheers xoxoox

Nov 25, 2008

how to wear a white tank top

UPDATE: matthew williamson x H&M, 23April09
terribly exciting, and also slightly disappointing (i'm not sure if H&M here will be open by April 09!), but its matthew williamson, not, say, nicholas ghesquire or elber albaz. STILL. MOST EXCITING NEWS OF THE WEEK!!!!!
SPREAD THE NEWS I RECKON. u heard it here first.

one of the most ubiquitous fashion staples due to its versatility, the white tank top is definitely never OUT in the sartorial stakes. plus, it will fit the austere christmas mood that's descended onto most homes. time to dress down for a while, folks. 

nicky hilton, the "Other Hilton Sister"

trying her darnest to channel erin wasson's hippie-grunge-cool vibe, i find nicky's dressed-up leather booties and red balenciaga (!!! same shade as mine!!!) slightly at odds with her crappy (but undoubtedly hella$$$$$) denim cut-offs.

or maybe that clash was EXACTLY what she was going for. you know how it is--- do something no one gets, then claim the applause coming from them slapping their foreheads. 
still, its a rather put-together look and you really cant go wrong with Fierce Shoes and a Cool Bag. (AHEM, the beautiful frock, anyone??)

**PS: remember never to wear a bra. -_-

too-hot-to-be-a-dad-of-2 ryan phillippe 

fabulous LA street style! camo berms, Vans skate shoes, random tatts, white tank top and tucked-in mystery necklace. (nice dog-tag images should flood your dirty minds now) of course, the Pimpin' Ride and scowling face just up the appeal even more. 

sometimes a man says way more wearing a plain white tank than those annoying slogan tees...
the dumpster's a callin, henry holland!

**PS: remember never to wear a bra. -_-

so guy or girl, east coast or west coast, summer or winter, the white tank top can be co-opted however you want. i'll just wear mine with fitted jeans (from all that eating) and a sharp blazer for the season (...or so says alexander mcQueen!)

and for the last word on dressing down basics:
britney spears, comeback kid circa 2008, for Rolling Stone

any music industry insider knows that of all the magazine covers to land, THIS IS IT. the birkin of music-press. i'm super super uber chuffed for one of my favorite stars! (yes, STILL.) looking super natural, fresh-faced, and (dare i say it!) FIT and fabulous, britney is preparing for her big album drop this season, CIRCUS.

fresh off the success of her single womanizer, i guess she's back on the wagon from the trainwreck. when girl starts tying up tshirts, you KNOW she's got serious!!!

photo credits: perezhilton, fyb

Nov 24, 2008

the beautiful frock

and so the Lady, having heeded the frock's wise words, scooped up her Shoes and her Bag, and headed home with the definite sense of being a More Beautiful and Whole and Complete Human Being.

how can you NOT love edward monkton?

prince of prints

malia & sasha obama

now before the feature presentation, a news update:
the obamas have OFFICIALLY chosen sidwell friends as the private school the girls will attend. (cheers, i bet right. that's why hillary and michelle were talking, yall!)

as you do your holiday shopping, you might want to do some anticipatory sneaking around--what's DEFINITELY hot for next year: prints prints prints.
and i don't mean the standard gucci-monogram/burberry-check/pucci-swirls.

junya watanabe

evoking something i felt was distinctly marc jacobs, country-esque straw and cloverfield pictures were underscored by paisley prints, gingham picnic-squares, flowerfield florals and motifs of apples, hearts and leaves. such sunny serenity makes one just want to pluck a flower out of those Africanesque headwraps and smell the roses.

christian dior, backstage

dior also put up prints, albeit more muted versions than the inspired exuberance found elseplace. (interesting take from the usuallly unbridled house..) john galliano used spotty animal prints and cute shorter hemlines to welcome in spring. nothing too groundbreaking, really. i guess the picture speaks for itself.


now this collection was beautiful. more like, crazy/beautiful. but this was no kirsten dunst-like mess. PRINT! COLOR! spots, stripes, tesselations, eyelets, checks, colorblocks--everything was thrown on, thrown together, yet never looked like an art studio gone wrong. consuelo castiglioni tempered silhouettes with belted waists and candy-colored cardigans and the simplest of platforms.
too beautiful.

this is definitely a look i will be flagging when i think about what to shop for this holiday season!

dries van noten, ss08

of course, dries van noten is the printmeister bar none. i unabashedly proclaim my love and his fashion-forwardness, because these gorgeous multilayered colorful worldtraveller prints are courtesy of him, ONE WHOLE YEAR (that's 2 seasons ahem) prior to these other chums.

a year later, i will continue to discuss the beauty of his confections.
contrasting prints and colors meshed in an incredible kaleidoscope of floral/ethnic abstractness, that, when put together, looked classy (not busy!) and relaxed at the same time.

again, 2 seasons ago, people. now get me this man's number, stat!
the next question to be begged:
what did Dries put out this year, then?

dries van noten, ss09

well, never one to be off the mark, prints still ruled the runway, albeit in a new-age, hyperreal, graphic sensibility that one has missed from the exploding runways of recent seasons.
restrained without being repetitive or boring, grids, stripes and checkerboards were king this season, everything pared down to black and white.

urban, jet-set, elegant, quietly refined and not at all ostentatious.
seems very much like what we need to project amid such perilous economic times. so who said you need to cut your fashion budget first? (only do it when chanel spits out a bag like that)

again, something i'll be looking out for when i browse the racks this holiday! what will you be looking out for when bargain-hunting?

photo credits: style, nyt

Nov 22, 2008

porcelain and pixels

i came across this image in the past week--i mean people were pushing the boundaries of material (chocolate, laser-cut cloth, quadruple-wash, mirrored palliates, dipdyed, vinyl, etc etc etc), but THIS. 
li xiaofeng porcelain dress

this is wearable art. in no way practical nor sensible, but truly cutting-edge (no pun intended) and very pretty, from a completely aesthetic point of view. 
and i love how as a Chinese designer, the primary material was a very Chinese item, yet presented in an utterly modern way. i'm not sure my verbal clumsiness is doing justice to the labor of love that is this work of art. 

but suffice to say that no OTHER clumsiness will be tolerated if you wear that. haha.

mischa barton in matthew williamson

seeing this dress reminded me of the wonderful collection that mr williamson put out for FW08, that somehow got forgotten in the midst of the other whistles and fireworks. to me, what stood out about his collection was his treatment of florals.

now as we know, balenciaga basically staked a chokehold on florals, and structure shoulders, and crazy gladiators. and it was so hard to find anything truly inspired when it came to florals for a while. after all, its a print (Dries van Noten aside...), and not easy to reinvent. 

but just looking at these 3 pieces collectively, i love how he chose to pixellate the flowers--i mean HOW GENIUS is that!? i won't even postulate as to the implications of his inspired touch (technology, the digital age, whatnot), but i think i could never look at florals quite the same way anymore.

and that's what claiming territory is all about--when you become the reference point. 

photo credits: the blue zebra, style, fyb

Nov 21, 2008

Recent Hipster Honorees

oscar season is barely upon us, but this week, there have been 2 noteworthy awards given out!

1. CFDA/Vogue Awards
alexander wang/sophie buhai/lisa maycock/albert swanepoel

now, while many "industry insiders" have been raving about alexander wang and his grunge-chic aesthetic since forever, underground hipster cool doesnt translate into $$$$ nearly as well as a prestigious award does! (see Proenza Schouler, Phillip Lim

add Erin Wasson into the mix, stir in some troll-sen twinsies, flower-child richie and assorted runway stompers, and you have the perfect recipe for recognition. because the Establishment needs to prove it's got wit' the program.

but seriously, i agree his clothes reinvented a whole genre, and its wonderfully insouciant and brash and loose and carelessly chic, but i DO think it is too pricey...3-digit plain tees, i mean only if youre yohji yamamoto do you do that! i'm sure theres far more to come from him thou, so fingers crossed! (in anticipation, i'm not being bitchy about him!)

much congrats also to the VENA CAVA girls!!! WOOT (see sidebar hehehe!) as well as mr swanepoel the milliner--making the word mad hatter have a whole new spin.

2. GQ's annual Men of the Year List
President-Elect Barack Obama 
(seriously, need i even TYPE the man's name!!??!?)

much has been said, and my efforts could in no measure compare to the eloquence of the platitudes dedicated to this man in recent months/weeks, as well as to come. so, i think its a cultural watershed when you've got a President who's cool/hip enough to grace the cover of a impossibly on-the-pulse, so-chic-it-hurts mens magazine. 

i've read GQ and i love it, i think any man who wants to be taken seriously ought to invest in a copy...
IN FACT, for this issue, you can pick from 4 noteworthy cover-models, rounding it up:
Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Phelps, Jon Hamm

all 4 of them (barack included, i can count!) have been so appropriately nominated to be GQ's Men of the Year. so you see, America IS the land of the free. because even if you're Republican and you lost, you've still got a damn choice at the newsstand.

Nov 19, 2008

black and white

SO. a slightly excruciating exploration of chthonic, talmudic, islamic, hindu-indian, civil and common law traditions (YES, those 6 came out in the paper) later, i have before and after photos of myself.  what was common was the monochromatic scheme of it all...quite an accurate mirror of my life now. december awaits!

super-comfy super-dorky homewear! fingers crossed this doesnt come back to haunt me
unknown black tank, woodland cow-print tights (from my younger days, i was delighted to have rediscovered them!)

sam/leon/jin/simon/cheryl/me. the usual 6.
all smiles at dempsey, where we whiled the day away, dining on French cuisine at Au Petit Salut (well-deserved, i tell you!), and assorted drinks at Olio Dome.

zara dress with cutouts, esther tay skirt, repetto black patent leather classic ballet flats, unknown belt (cheap-as!), balenciaga parttime lariat bag.

and again. love how you can carry it 2 ways--handles or shoulder strap. 

and one final black/white photo:
the inimitable johnny depp  in what is officially the first leaked/released (you never know, with Perez) photos of him as The Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's new movie based on alice in wonderland. now didnt you just LOVE that book!?!?

he looks...freakishly bizarre, which is quite the usual look Mr Burton seems so constantly inclined to give him. but i suppose when the world over can think you're sexy whether sporting dreads or metal hands, what's a big tophat or 2 once in a while?

Nov 18, 2008


yes i know, i can rival monsieur henry holland with that, cant i? nothing some inspired fashion fury cant do. its ALMOST as good as do me daily christopher bailey.
chanel's latest creation

this would be the Kaiser's worst faux pas EVER. messily "folded" and impossibly clumsy-looking, more tragic is his attempted homage to coco chanel's too-cool-too-chic heritage:
nastily printed with "coco chanel" and "rue cambon", i don't see how this bag speaks of any of the classiness that coco herself embodied. and yes, while i'm sure the bag is folded to impeccable measurements, this is no 2.55 in the making. you'd think with the financial crisis, designers would be less slovenly with their recycled ideas...(no one's dropping $$$ like the bling-bling days anymore, people!)


i'm really not sure what else to say about your latest...monstrosity. i am a fan, but at least when valentino was getting on in years, he stuck to classics he knew were artistic. you cant put mademoiselle's name and address and expect it to be tres chic...more like tres triste. :(

love, andrea. 

Nov 15, 2008


calvin klein pleated top, nuroots wideleg pants, nine west satin heels, balenciaga cherche midi bag, tiffany & co heart tag bracelet.

loeffler randall's ss09 lookbook is out, and it is FULL of pleats. and ruffles. and satin. and anything that's, really, kinda spring-esque Romantique. of course, that's NOT my style. but it doesnt mean i dont appreciate the beautiful workmanship!

so this outfit was just my way of incorporating pleats. you can do girly too, i reckon. but that's just not me. 
close-up of the calvin klein top--the pleating was as intricate as i managed to find, althou the pleats at the shoulder were chiffon instead of the same vicose/cotton material for the rest of it. also, the skinny pleat down the bias of the top? its got a skinny strip of velvet in the centre of the whole thing, like a luxe little spine to give it some backbone (haha).

and this is the other side. not a very flattering photo, but just to show how the material has been manipulated. 

and again. i mean, seriously. the only reason why i'm blogging so frequently is because i am currently in the midst IN THE MIDST YES of a 66 hour weekend paper on comparative legal traditions and NO it is not as simple as it sounds! without going into painful detail, let's jsut say i need an escape.

and speaking of which...
THIS is what's helping me get through it all. benefits of living where i live where i get all this like, mere minutes away. family support does count in such perilous times! 

and i dont care how many truffles it takes.
althou, i must admit it does not help the fashion cause i try to be devoted to... but more on that another time.

Nov 14, 2008

comme des garçons + H&M

comme des garçons + H&M = $ =/= $$$$$ = looooooong queues.
tell me one more time why we have no H&M nor target here.
i used to think it was great we didn't have such chain stores, cos people would end up all wearing the same things. it's already happened with the likes of Topshop. but still. when these stores collaborate with comme and jonathan saunders (OMG!), it's hard not to wish they were here, asserting their imperialist capitalism in our former British colony. so much irony, its poetic.

of course, poetic is the word to describe the clothes, and HARDLY the word to describe the lines and competitiion i can only shudder at the thought of. susie bubble will be posting a video at some point regarding this, on her blog.

ok here's the video--i guess the UK is quite the Q-meister country as well! cheers! and i must say, true to form, that their English civility and politeness is really really startling. lovely!

Nov 13, 2008

the snapshot debut!

ok i am supremely nervous about this new experiment...not an experiment per se, but to me its a pretty big step: posting photos online!
i call it the snapshot debut and essentially what i will be aiming to do is to put up photos of myself and detailing what i'm wearing for the day. of course, i am currently too lazy to change, so you will have to make do with what i actually wore on this cloudy day.

cotton on colorblock top, dotti black jeans, calvin klein knit cardigan
balenciaga slim bag with giant silver hardware
color true to life, as taken 7 months ago. either that, or my bag has suffered the ravages of dirt, travel and time, hence rendering it a much more murky color than it initially was. 

what do you think of this experiment?! i hope to do more in the future, and if there are any violent protests to my admittedly BLAH outfit, my only rejoinder is that i went to school for one lecture today and didnt put thought into what i wore!

winter editorial #2

more quick tips and hardhitters as the holiday season approaches!
also, i've recently been toying with the idea of posting outfit photos here...i was planning to use my iSight to take shots and have people peruse...
although i know personal life ranked #1, i do think i want to continue to make this a platform for op-eds, fashion, and the latest stuff my radar picks up. food, thankfully, will no longer be featured. it hurts too much to be snapping away--i dont even bring cameras to restaurants anymore!
any thoughts or feedback on this!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

YSL's noveau francais... manicure. HAHA
the classic french mani has been beautifully reinterpreted by YSL--and who better to do that! navy blue with a white tip--or if you prefer to mix it up even more, do a switcheroo and have white with blue tips! either way, its tres cool and will definitely catch everyone's eye! especially if you're:
-holding on to the handrail on the bus/train
-flicking through your notes compartment of your wallet
-running yr fingers through yr hair
-playing an instrument
-you get the point. lovely!

i mean, everyone loves christopher bailey!!! everyone!!! from That Collection in 07--the urban warrior princess, the Agyness, the campaign, the fragrance, the studded everything--he's really shaken up the traditional tartan check of this Brit fashion house.
and i completely loved fw08, all fur and hardware and boots and hats and belts--this being my favoritest runway look. luxe, rich, even cozy...its hip to be square if youre at burberry! of course, it's not going to be easy translating this look to real life (unless you are really loaded)---but i think metallics, textured clothes and heavy accessorizing will get you halfway there!

having ust graduated from antwerp, stylebubble introduced all fashion devotees to this gem of a designer. look at the silhouettes! strong shoulders, structured sleeves, and all this construction PLUS a painterly, silkscreen print that's part psychedelico part modernist rose garden?

and those BOOTS!!! thigh high pulled up, or slouchy scrungy grungy cool pulled down, have them whichever way you like, whatever length you like, theyre gonna make every and any drab or ordinary outlet look Pretty Damn Fine.

and just one of the the fierciest awesomest profiles i have seen in a while! i dont know her name, Ms Fierce Model, but look what wonders blunt bangs and thick hair can do to a gaunt face!?
the full-on laser-like intensity of her glare is testament to her confidence.
and i guess, regardless of what the season is, SELF CONFIDENCE is the coolest accessory of all!

Nov 12, 2008

election headlines: REPORT CARD.

succinct soundbites on the election smackdown, inspired by the lovely ms huffington. final election coverage...till 2012!


• THE DAVIDS - Axelrod and Plouffe:
they spearheaded a virtually-flawless campaign, fully earning their rapturous cheers upon first mention in Barack Obama’s victory thank-you speech.

• SNL:
skyrocketed from "is that still on?" to Must See TV (or, at least, Must See on YouTubeTV). Thanks in large part to:

her tongue-in-cheek deprecation of Palin was pitch perfect; a comedy mugging for the ages…and this coming just months after that glorious Emmy multiple-statuette triumph. Fabulous!

smarts, grace, charm, and a serious "good mommy" vibe. We see how Barack fell in love!...but best find that puppy soon.

her Palin interviews were the turning point in how we saw Palin, revealing her shallow knowledge bank and personality in an exemplary display of journalistic integrity and flair—without room for accusations of bias. CBS better kill those stories about Couric not delivering enough viewers-per-million bucks paid, stat.

what a way to get your teeth cut in the political process—sometimes we forget that, in democracies, the highest office isn’t that of President but that of CITIZEN. Barack the vote!


after a primary season that left them battered, Bill and Hillary successfully proved why they deserve their reputation as a political juggernauts—Bill an exceptional orator (did you catch his speech with Obama in Florida?!?!?!), Hillary as fervent a Dem as ever, campaigning for Obama, the man she once could barely look at. And don’t get me started on all that book deal moolah!

gracious in defeat, John McCain took that last chance primetime television coverage to reclaim the reputation of the Straight Talk Express, by pledging his unconditional support to the new President, as well as the ideals that American so reveres. As for Palin—come on, Survivor: All Stars or The Celebrity Apprentice have gotta be calling soon! Heard that, Mark Burnett?
Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman: 6-figure sums plundered from the RNC’s war chest and public financing, adding to their overflowing coffers. There’s nothing like proving the Repub’s economic logic than to put it into practice, Ms Palin. Plus, the added publicity should allow them some advertising budget cuts.


• FOX news, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and hate-mongers everywhere:
the stink didn't stick to Obama but it stuck to them—Sean is now grateful for Holmes on cable. And BTW, wouldn’t it be cool to have an election edition of The Corporation?

the repudiation of his presidency was overwhelmingly unequivocal, not to mention the failed legacy he left behind for the Dems to clean up, and a reputation in tatters that has gone down in history.

see Bush, above. Alternatively, visit most websites on the Internet for more.

the clock just hit 15 minutes, and the wakeup call will not be pleasant. Besides, anyone who thinks 250K a year is “average” needs as much of a wake up call as John “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” McCain.

the inability to see past our differences is testament to small America and small minds. They don’t call it color BLINDNESS for nothing.

share your thoughts on the election smackdowns!

Nov 9, 2008

winter editorial: BAGS

since runways are always a season or 2 ahead, and given that the ss09 shows are now upon us, it is fitting, i think, for the Bestest Latest This Season au courant WINTER EDITORIAL*.
*of course, i call it that just to give the whole thing a nicer ring, but i think today the pictures shall speak far louder than my hollow words on this topic.
but before that!! THANK YOU FOR VOTING, those of you who bothered, and i think its quite clear what it is that i should be writing about...the categories you chose, in order:
1. personal life (7 votes..imagine, my highest ranked category is STILL singledigited TSK!)
2. fashion + musings TIED (4 votes each)
3. intellectual trivia received a meagre 2 votes...i guess i best leave that to the water cooler (HOHO insert canned laughter for that very Bad Joke)
so, i shall bear those preferences in mind, occasionally, when i write. as you know, i find it difficult to share anything too personal here, but fingers crossed, right?
made with Balenciaga's signature cracked goat leather, (clearest in the bottom right picture, blue clutch) these clutches come with the finishings of Ghesquire's under-the-radar success of the Lune series. the picture below should give you a pretty clear indication of the cohesiveness of the clutch variants with their lofty lunar predecessor...
but in the best, iciest, most wintry colors--blue and black.
now without any overt backstreet-boy-album-from-this-century reference, look and gape.

now speaking of icy wintry colors,
THIS bag is a true gem. soft pink shagreen (tell me HOW you find pink stingrays!), lovely sky blue and dusty lavender-mauve panels with BLACK accents (omg Genius!) and transluscent acetate + the standard single metal chainlinks, i truly have not beheld such a gorgeous sight in my life. this color combination is ethereal and brilliantly conceived, balancing girliness with a nice rough edginess.
and nothing against the first incarnation of the cherche... But...

of course, business-wise it is excellent never to show your hand too soon--keep churning out a faction more of your genius with each successive collection and perhaps that is the key to having buyers like ME who cannnot get enough rush out to get the latest one.
BAD NEWS, however,
the cherche midi is NOT available in the Singapore branch of BALENCIAGA, so you fiends will have to do what i did and head overseas for your fix. need not go all the way to fashion capitals like london or paris, nor even tokyo or HK closer to home:
i got mine in vietnam! (politically incorrect statemetn alert: the beauty of developing nations is that the rich-poor gap remains large, hence necessitating far more extensive luxury stocks compared to a *RELATIVELY* more egalitarian Singapore.)

MARNI, ss08
again, the green and white combo jsut IMMEDIATELY made me want to post up this reidiculously lovely sandal here..again:
black white and green genius...
thou in certain parts of the country (particularly in mny area HMPH!), that Very Phrase could mean something quite different altogether. but let's not go there shall we? we've had one un-PC moment for the day as it is. knowing smirks and nudge-nudge chuckles will suffice for now. AHEM!

RAFE TOTENGCO melissa python tote
MR TOTENGCO, an upcoming designer, has this lovely snakeskin creation_ structured, subtle (Birkin reference much??) and richly textured, sometimes no label is the best kind of label one can have...
which is in a large part why i favor BALENCIAGA... but that's just my intensely cultivated bias speaking.

the next post will be more fashion stuff--NOT ACCESSORIES ive had enough of them!