Oct 22, 2008

this is the place where all the junkies go

...where time get fast and everything gets slow

recent happenings, photos of which i have finally been able to procure! what better way to capture moments than through pictures? aside from colors and basic aesthetic concerns, details like who's wearing what, body language and even the location of the photo are all simultaneously preserved. cheers!

I. going international...
with RACHEL our friend from michigan, EVAN our friend in edinburgh, JINGLIN our friend in kent ridge (hah), EUNICE our friend who travels a helllot within australasia, and ME, good old singaporean stuck with an accent.

with a whole bunch of tsd people! and george and ling from a52.
but it was SO GOOD to see the UK ppl back--karmun, priya, ming. the rest weren't there, but in such a globalised world (HAHA), keeping in touch has been made so much easier. no excuses for laziness in friendships.

II. elevator shots...
yish, me, maya, saif. just going crazy after our tsd gathering. honestly, what else can one expect from a bunch of Truly Zany Inidividuals...these things just remind me what it means to be a theatre student:
flamboyance, flair and a zest for life and drama!

and again. this was my maiden experience taking photos like this, but i honestly think everyone deserves to try this! aside from all the screaming and excitement, knowingly depriving others of an essential public good in the name of self-gratification and sheer fun--now that's the real payoff. haha, (YOU KNOW IM KIDDING)

III. f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
div, shawn, me, trish.
not to be terribly unoriginal, but iguess the crazy gang of us has been very inspired by the friednships we see played out in Central Perk. and how can you NOT love them!!??!? the only question is...who's who?!

the girls. charis, trish, me.
i seized on this photo because it is HARD EVIDENCE that i'm taller than the other 2!!! and mind you charis is tilting her head but that doesnt count. either ways, i completely love the a53 bunch, and HELLO GUYS PLEASE SEE YOU ALL SOON CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS AHEM.

IV. the leaders of tomorrow
you're looking at 6 headhunted individuals (sans fawn who is in switzerland, which would bring us to 7) from different backgrounds, schools and with different experiences, BUT
the one thing in common is that we will all be leaders of tomorrow. and if things go the way we'd like, we'l have our own talkshow too. watch this space. (HAHA)

and in typical fashion, we gathered over FOOD. din tai fung is a hot fave amongst the group, with alums currently schooled in revered institutions like Princeton! Oxford! Stanford! and the like, seeing as there's rarely any chance for such decent tasting and costing ching chong food.

and in even MORE typical fashion, ju is staring at me while i'm staring at the food, this is incriminating! but i put it here out of self deprecation and lots of love. (whut>!?!?!)
sadly i was very worse for wear that day, meeting for dinner at 7 after an entire day of school...

sam, me, ailene. tis fun to have so much in common intellectually and yet be able to descend into a fit of noisy giggles at the snap of a finger. discussions on school life, talkshow potentials, business proposals, decency of men in singapore, cultural immersion and future motherhood existed seamlessly alongside much hearty laughter and mutual admiration. ( ihope! kidding)

V. here comes the bride (NO causeway jokes PLEASE)
us with mr pereira ("call me Kenneth!!!") and his wife, mim mim.
i must confess i utterly LOVE weddings. aside from the tulle, flowers, smiles and wine, there is just something about being given away by your father to another man that loves you (almost?) as much, and having everyone you know and who loves you there to celebrate the damn transaction.
AHH. that's why they call it wedded BLISS.

here we are again, sans wifey this time. i'm pretty sure he wouldve preferred to have her around. 7 legal eagles in one photo! its almost too much for my browser to bear; its sinking under the load of memorandums and potential litigation already. but these are the people who keep me sane in school--simon, jin, leon, cheryl and sam. cheers to them for their barbs, accepting natures, and for (usually) being cued-in to all that's happening in this tumultous world of ours...so we can mercilessly poke acerbic fun at all of it. think its an elitist way to have fun? YOU BETCHA! hehe.

and this is simon's favourite shot! us walking out of the cathedral under a cloud-filled sky, all smiles and laughter and a complete picture of youthful insouiance.
i must say...
life has been good. cheers to la dolce vita, and to hopes that it will never stop being this way.

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