Oct 25, 2008

hawtness: SS09

yes SEX IS BACK as ny mag proclaims...(when did it ever leave, mr timberlake?)
and today's fashion post contains some of the most gorgeous creations of the recent fashion weeks. heheheh completely psyched to share!

i will start off with what made me fall most in love...or rather lust.

how can you NOT completely have your jaw drop and scamble to pick it up while ogling these clothes!? punk, rock and roll, trashy chic; call it what you will but these clothes are dripping with sex and spilling over with raw energy and verve. Christophe Decarnin manages to have his finger permanently on the pulse of edgy-cool without ever being infected by the someitmes annoying habit of designers to trade up and dress to impress.

the vibe is cavalier chic, but make no mistake: the finesse in the construction is clear. trews are impeccably acid-washed and distressed just so. blazers may be thrown on with abandon, but the stitching is flawless and the silhouette obvious. proof that decarnin's all his own is how he's created a strong shoulder without once referencing its previous true flag-bearer, Ghesquire. well done!!! throw in the vodka, some lights and lashings of smudged eye makeup--and you'll all ready for a night out painting the town red.
(help me from passing out)

i remember wearing my blue marant top to church and someone (identity protected!) being Completely Scandalised that it had little cut outs all down the front with the cute little buttons. of course, when asked "where from?" i responded consistently to queries that it was by "isabel marant" only to be met with curious blank stares.

too bad! marant, true to her Gallic roots, has always had a chic carefree blitheness about her clothes, as evidence in the relaxed cuts, slouchy silhouette (down to the boots!), and girly details--cutouts, trims, elastics. edgy without being grungy, isabel marant's under-the-radar cult following is testament to her Parisian carelessness. nonchalance couldn't look much cooler than this. unless you're wearing Balmain HAHHAHAHA.

plus, people will never know where you got your cute clothes from. ;)

what a gorgeous name for a label--completely embracing the effort that goes into the creation of a stellar look. i was rather struck by the fluidity in this collection! spring sheers and pastels aside, it was truly in the construction of a silhouette that was body-skimming wihtout being taut nor severe. (heard that, Rihanna!?)

totally in love with the slouchy pants and the 2nd grey outfit, complete with snazzy shoes! the color palette was remiscient of Saint-Tropez, with its harmonious sand, blue, olive, lilac, orange, and white swathes. Preen stays true to the quirky characteristic of so many British designers without sacrificing any of the clean lines and details not necessarily present elsewhere.

woot!! again, lots of lovely detailing from the meticulous designer...different take on all the fluid shapes than Preen's Justin Thonton and Thea Bregazzi. Lim's layers are more in number and less in size, keeping his shapes very body-con and close to the shape. spring sheers seem to be rather popular (man... am not a fan!)

but personally, the last outfit is BEYOND. so city chic it hurts, and that belt! iconic to the point where you'll never be tempted to over-wear it. haha.

put here because i heart lanvin. i've always lumped it together with valentino for some reason, maybe because they are both adept at those lovely evening gowns so often seen on red carpets, the most accessible of all fashion runways.

check out all the lovely voluminous structures, almost as it the clothes were worn, then puffed up with an air pump! nothing truly outstanding in my opinoin, thou i love the 2 trouser-top combos.


omg please look at these shoes. part Marni color-blocking, part YSL masculine-chic, tristan blair is a label everyone needs to keep tabs on! (i'm not sure if pedder carries them...i certainly havent seen them here!) but these are leather+ suede, which is always a wonderful combination when it comes to shoes! just put these here so you can look and weep! especially if your name is
NICOLA. (someone tell her this is for her man wah lao)

and on the topic of shout-outs..
remmeber this Magnes' Sisters bag?
YISH was declaring her love for this Mr Big briefcase bag (which are the next big things people!!! if you arent a loyalist like me, please invest! i'll just stick to my motorcycles...my red part-time is DRENCHED and blackened btw! damn the weather!)

YISH i just thought you would fall in love al over again when you see how multi-purpose it is!!!! you can fold the bag over and sling it over your shoulder without it looking stupid at all!

its a great versatile design and i agree at the blue is striking and lovely--from the boardroom to the backroom in ONE FOLD. ahha how's that for double duty.

after all, this post is titled hawtness.
how can i ignore britney and her amazing comeback? i dont care what people say. (thou that poster is no longer on my wall AHHAH) she is really looking fabulous nowadays! i hope it gets to a point where justin holds off his impending nuptials to that she-MAN biel.

schedules are looking RIDICULOUS at the mo, but cheers to everyone anyway! xooxoxoxoxoxxx

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