Oct 31, 2008

happy halloween

before i go on to anything horror-related, i present the glorious antithesis to horrific things: beauty!!!! how strange that concepts of aesthetic beauty have overshone those of strength, spirit, grit, and the like. well i say strange, but its really not actually weird that people are drawn to beauty--its been scientificially proven! moving on from these nonsensical ramblings...(forgive me, its almost 2am, and i'm forcing myself to stay up because of this new sleep-cycle experiment i'm doing...more on that another time!)
i <3 decarnin i dont care that je parle seulement anglaise, parle francias mal! je t'aime vos conceptions!!!!!!!! (if he doesnt understand that, i will just POINT AND MY CLOTHES AND SHAKE THEM AND HUG HIM)

and on that note of horrific behavior, no doubt very nightmare-inducing for anyone, espeically a lovely frenchman,
we move on to HALLOWEEN PROPER:
an occasion not widely celebrated in Singapore, but my friends and i celebrate anyway. of course, taking an interest in American culture is nothing new to me...
hence the interest in American politics (has been that way for 3 elections now!!!!). actually, my interest in politics is not limited to those Stateside...even the doldrums of local politics are...much discussion fodder in my circles. circles which i realise, more and more, are somewhat exclusive not because of the poepl that inhabit it, but the conversations that we have: esoteric, current and containing multiple cross-topic linkages and obscure references (pop culture, political, social, even legal HAHA occupational hazard!)...
this year, these have sprung up in the US, and undoubtedly elsewhere, Singpaore included i'm sure, given how er, on teh ball we are with these things. predictably, the obama masks are outselling mccain somewhere in teh region of 2-1. and given the domestic market's size in the US, let's just say stocking repub isnt the best business decision. fiduciary duties, anyone??? hehe.

and further in the spirit of scare tactics, i found this little thing i can truly realte to!!!!
needs not much further introduction nor explanation.
secretly, (now not so secretly...) i believe that all of us are just Muggles and THATS why we cant see wizards and magic and all that other cool stuff. HArry Potter remains as one of the loveliest books i have read (notice: BOOKS =/= CHIlDREN's BOOKS. i give ms rowling that credit). so kudos to my mum for introducing to me when i was 11, WAY before the wave crested.

it pays to stay ahead of the curve. whenever you can.

so, speaking of which,
i bring you a WORLD-FIRST EVENT!!!!!!!!!! this is the first time a fully functioning hotel room has been set up in any museum in the world...and guess where else its premiering than:
btw not to sound like a snob but i truly love the modern art at the guggenheim, itself to architecturally striking and avant garde that it is a fitting shell to house all the treasures in it. it truly felt like a dream to be able to walk up to the hotdog stand outside the guggenheim, itself just opposite one of the central park entrances (2 dreams at once! NO WAY PINCH ME BABY). NYC is absolutely a dream for a museum-freakazoid like myself! have interesting anecdote about meeting dates/boys via art in a museum...suffice to say that it doesnt really work. HOHO.
YES!this seminal piece of art is part of the GUGGENHEIM's "theanyspacewhatever" exhibition, and dreamt up by the German artist CARSTEN Höller. For a price and with a reservation, up to two people can spend the night.
to be fair,
doing it all at night when the natural sunlight cant permeate the Guggenheim's sunlight-flooded design isn't the best move...but with a full-sezed hotel room: complete with bed, full bath, closet and all accessories, one shouldn't feel too bad about the novelty of such an experience.
this bold social experiemtn costs...i forget how much. just know that it is expensive, and not for the faint hearted. you will be left ALONE (save security personnel) in teh cavernous museum, but you are also left to explore and soak in the all the artwork on your own.


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