Oct 19, 2008

the greatest love of my life (so far) #1

obvsiouly, to tell the whole experiential story via pictures alone will hardly do this justice...but i know that i need to do this for cartharsis, least not because lofty's farewell was yesterday and he'll be retiring IN SPAIN. BY THE BEACH.

this is merely the first installment so looking forward to sharing more of my awesomest times in tsd soon.
so, i used this picture as a teaser in the last post, and YES that's SAIF in case you're wondering. tim the photographer pretty much gave me free reign to do whatever i wanted. and i decided to go with this slightly vaudeville clownish look. (some of you would know that i really do adore that white cream base).
The makeup in tsd received an overall in our year, much thanks must go to sharlene for that initiative...I remember going shopping with her in a dodgy corner of orchard and trying on lots of industrial light and magic-standard stuff. Her made up hand DID look like it was scarred and burnt and charred.

Anyways. The idea behind this look was completely matched by the photography (TIM does it professionally, if there are any inquiries!!!!!!!) and I think the happy/sad contrast was quite well enhanced, especially by the shadow eye socket in the 'sad' half. Also, saif's more prominent bone structure made the job easier for me, but this still remains as one of my favorite 'works' so far.

this one was part of the same photoshoot--i looked at KAI and at the makeup and before you know it, my hands moved and started drawing this floral motif. very midsummer nights dream, and for some reason we were so oblivious to tim clicking around us. kai was great--she just let me do my thing and i must say, as a makeup artist all you want is for the person at your mercy to TRUST you.

i dont have a picture of the finished product, but sometimes theres beauty in the breakdown (anyone get the refence, 50 points to you!)

of course, this is what it REALLY looks like from the unglamorous side of things...this was a good 4 years ago, when i still had braces but that didnt stop me for being totally earnest about doing my job.

and you thought looking pretty was easy.

this was also part of the shoot--YEEK showcasing our state of the art sound systems in the studio. it was quite difficult to achieve the intended effect for this...tim and i had a short discussion and wanted to go with a sound-related theme; i'm not sure how clear it is that there's a musical staff across his face. he was extremely patient with me too!

to be honest, not that many people would consent to being painted on with such motifs...most prefer pretty girly makeup, but i'm glad the shoot was intended to be more edgy and the makeup correspondingly so.

there's another set of photographs with very exaggerated lighting and the styling for that was pretty scary stuff--blood, bondage, a lot more dark stuff that frankly was quite disturbing in the final cut. i may post them up another time, but for now... haha. NO.

and me again, in action. it was truly a privilege to have our studios outfitted with a full makeup and dressing room, complete with the bright dressing room lights that are teh stuff of movies and...real comercial theatres. so i must say it was honor to be able to do what i loved for those 2 years. more importantly, to have those people i love let me do it all to them! cheers, guys.

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