Oct 15, 2008

fashion equation





FENDI SS09...put here just for prettiness. credit to susie bubble, thanks gorge!

all the tulle flowers reminded me of the marchesa ss09 pic i put up a while ago...maybe now that summer's around, we're back to sheer fabrics and lots of pastel softness. not a look i particularly favour...but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it i guess.

speaking of fashion, KVLT (say cult) MAGAZINE is a new, online magazine devoted to all things cutting edge in the fashion, art and editorial realms. with such an explosive collision of worlds and lots of gorgeous photography, i guess all i can say is you need to check it out. cheers!

click here for KVLT MAGAZINE

and finally...
MY WORK OF ART. just a preview of the upcoming posts...all on theatre and my lovely pictorial memories and portfolio from my TSD days. i remember this was for a publicity photoshoot, and i was sooooo glad that i got roped in to do makeup (there were only 2 makeup artists in our batch at the time anway...boo) and i had realy the best time that saturday morning.


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