Oct 10, 2008

accessories report

MY PROMISED entry on jewelry is here...but not before i post about somehting most interesting taht i discovered online!
aside from the presidential pants in earlier posts, check out the latest obama-inspired wear:
jean charles de castelbajac's runway showing featured a rather tasteful take on the Senator from Illinois...albeit in an incarnation that served more as a statement than actual fashion. but then again, the 2 have never been all that unrelated.

**all prices have been converted to SGD and approximated...credt crisis notwithstanding.
this ACCESSORIES REPORT is all about the off-the-radar chic designers who are sure to be making bigger waves in time to come. i guess you can remember that you heard it here first!!! also, GO FOR GOLD!!!

NAVA ZAHAVI square aqua ring, $1700
this ring is exquisite...a sterling semi-precious stone set in gold, with the most limpid of azure pools. definitely a statement piece, especially in the wake of all those ridiculously huge watches. i admit i approve of the trend, but its getting alittle bit too much for me, so signalling the ring to be back in vogue is certainly due!
i never had the slender fingers to wear such rings, but if you do...off to nava zahavi you go!!!!

MELISSA JOY MANNING cats eye necklace, $680
no details sadly on what that stone is (quartz? hopefully something more expensive...) but with the delicate gold filigree chain and the cute little gold rings, this necklace is all sophistication and elegance. unlike the overdone diamonds with white gold combination, this shows that you dont have to be over the top to stand out.

WENDY NICHOL 3 piece cuff, $420
again, gold is used as a supporting accent to the centrepiece: textured leather! edgy while being girly, this is a cute way to convey toughness without sacrificing chic. the toggle closure makes sure no one gets to claw the animal off of you.

and a few BAG choices!
MAGNES SISTERS mr big bag, $460
formed by 3 sisters who decided their trinity of fashion experience would yield more results when combined, magnes sisters is a label that doesnt scrimp on quality. buttery italian lambskin (think loewe, but not spanish!) in the brightest of shades and skily linings (just your little secret to fabulosity), this practical workbag doesnt sacrifice any style at all. different shades of blue, gold hardware and brown trimmingmake this an extremely stylish additino to your work wardrobe, and can take you to after-work drinks at the coolest spots too.

GERARD DAREL midday barcelona tote, $1300
i admit this last bag isnt quite under the radar in the same way the otehr labels are, but this bag is definitely worth a mention!! spotted on the arms of many A-listers, this chloe-cousin is funky and cool but still simple and stylish. the bottom zippers remind me muchly of the Bay bag, but i cant help but love the roominess and simplicity of the design. i'm not sure if this is carried in singapore (in every sense of the word, HOHO) but its european presence remains strong, thanks to the legacy of the company that is in excess of a century.

i guess gold hardware is cool...at least we see a more significant presnece in jewelry and accessories, where previously it was shunned in favor of the tres cool white gold and platinum. perhaps its fitting in such times of economic uncertainty that we turn back to the precious metal that started it all:
remember to keep it subtle...look for burnished and matte options, and where not, keep to small details like accents in jewelry, rather than bling out. thats why you dont see any balenciaga-esque giant hardware here. (REGRETTABLY SO!!!)

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