Oct 31, 2008

happy halloween

before i go on to anything horror-related, i present the glorious antithesis to horrific things: beauty!!!! how strange that concepts of aesthetic beauty have overshone those of strength, spirit, grit, and the like. well i say strange, but its really not actually weird that people are drawn to beauty--its been scientificially proven! moving on from these nonsensical ramblings...(forgive me, its almost 2am, and i'm forcing myself to stay up because of this new sleep-cycle experiment i'm doing...more on that another time!)
i <3 decarnin i dont care that je parle seulement anglaise, parle francias mal! je t'aime vos conceptions!!!!!!!! (if he doesnt understand that, i will just POINT AND MY CLOTHES AND SHAKE THEM AND HUG HIM)

and on that note of horrific behavior, no doubt very nightmare-inducing for anyone, espeically a lovely frenchman,
we move on to HALLOWEEN PROPER:
an occasion not widely celebrated in Singapore, but my friends and i celebrate anyway. of course, taking an interest in American culture is nothing new to me...
hence the interest in American politics (has been that way for 3 elections now!!!!). actually, my interest in politics is not limited to those Stateside...even the doldrums of local politics are...much discussion fodder in my circles. circles which i realise, more and more, are somewhat exclusive not because of the poepl that inhabit it, but the conversations that we have: esoteric, current and containing multiple cross-topic linkages and obscure references (pop culture, political, social, even legal HAHA occupational hazard!)...
this year, these have sprung up in the US, and undoubtedly elsewhere, Singpaore included i'm sure, given how er, on teh ball we are with these things. predictably, the obama masks are outselling mccain somewhere in teh region of 2-1. and given the domestic market's size in the US, let's just say stocking repub isnt the best business decision. fiduciary duties, anyone??? hehe.

and further in the spirit of scare tactics, i found this little thing i can truly realte to!!!!
needs not much further introduction nor explanation.
secretly, (now not so secretly...) i believe that all of us are just Muggles and THATS why we cant see wizards and magic and all that other cool stuff. HArry Potter remains as one of the loveliest books i have read (notice: BOOKS =/= CHIlDREN's BOOKS. i give ms rowling that credit). so kudos to my mum for introducing to me when i was 11, WAY before the wave crested.

it pays to stay ahead of the curve. whenever you can.

so, speaking of which,
i bring you a WORLD-FIRST EVENT!!!!!!!!!! this is the first time a fully functioning hotel room has been set up in any museum in the world...and guess where else its premiering than:
btw not to sound like a snob but i truly love the modern art at the guggenheim, itself to architecturally striking and avant garde that it is a fitting shell to house all the treasures in it. it truly felt like a dream to be able to walk up to the hotdog stand outside the guggenheim, itself just opposite one of the central park entrances (2 dreams at once! NO WAY PINCH ME BABY). NYC is absolutely a dream for a museum-freakazoid like myself! have interesting anecdote about meeting dates/boys via art in a museum...suffice to say that it doesnt really work. HOHO.
YES!this seminal piece of art is part of the GUGGENHEIM's "theanyspacewhatever" exhibition, and dreamt up by the German artist CARSTEN Höller. For a price and with a reservation, up to two people can spend the night.
to be fair,
doing it all at night when the natural sunlight cant permeate the Guggenheim's sunlight-flooded design isn't the best move...but with a full-sezed hotel room: complete with bed, full bath, closet and all accessories, one shouldn't feel too bad about the novelty of such an experience.
this bold social experiemtn costs...i forget how much. just know that it is expensive, and not for the faint hearted. you will be left ALONE (save security personnel) in teh cavernous museum, but you are also left to explore and soak in the all the artwork on your own.


Oct 25, 2008

hawtness: SS09

yes SEX IS BACK as ny mag proclaims...(when did it ever leave, mr timberlake?)
and today's fashion post contains some of the most gorgeous creations of the recent fashion weeks. heheheh completely psyched to share!

i will start off with what made me fall most in love...or rather lust.

how can you NOT completely have your jaw drop and scamble to pick it up while ogling these clothes!? punk, rock and roll, trashy chic; call it what you will but these clothes are dripping with sex and spilling over with raw energy and verve. Christophe Decarnin manages to have his finger permanently on the pulse of edgy-cool without ever being infected by the someitmes annoying habit of designers to trade up and dress to impress.

the vibe is cavalier chic, but make no mistake: the finesse in the construction is clear. trews are impeccably acid-washed and distressed just so. blazers may be thrown on with abandon, but the stitching is flawless and the silhouette obvious. proof that decarnin's all his own is how he's created a strong shoulder without once referencing its previous true flag-bearer, Ghesquire. well done!!! throw in the vodka, some lights and lashings of smudged eye makeup--and you'll all ready for a night out painting the town red.
(help me from passing out)

i remember wearing my blue marant top to church and someone (identity protected!) being Completely Scandalised that it had little cut outs all down the front with the cute little buttons. of course, when asked "where from?" i responded consistently to queries that it was by "isabel marant" only to be met with curious blank stares.

too bad! marant, true to her Gallic roots, has always had a chic carefree blitheness about her clothes, as evidence in the relaxed cuts, slouchy silhouette (down to the boots!), and girly details--cutouts, trims, elastics. edgy without being grungy, isabel marant's under-the-radar cult following is testament to her Parisian carelessness. nonchalance couldn't look much cooler than this. unless you're wearing Balmain HAHHAHAHA.

plus, people will never know where you got your cute clothes from. ;)

what a gorgeous name for a label--completely embracing the effort that goes into the creation of a stellar look. i was rather struck by the fluidity in this collection! spring sheers and pastels aside, it was truly in the construction of a silhouette that was body-skimming wihtout being taut nor severe. (heard that, Rihanna!?)

totally in love with the slouchy pants and the 2nd grey outfit, complete with snazzy shoes! the color palette was remiscient of Saint-Tropez, with its harmonious sand, blue, olive, lilac, orange, and white swathes. Preen stays true to the quirky characteristic of so many British designers without sacrificing any of the clean lines and details not necessarily present elsewhere.

woot!! again, lots of lovely detailing from the meticulous designer...different take on all the fluid shapes than Preen's Justin Thonton and Thea Bregazzi. Lim's layers are more in number and less in size, keeping his shapes very body-con and close to the shape. spring sheers seem to be rather popular (man... am not a fan!)

but personally, the last outfit is BEYOND. so city chic it hurts, and that belt! iconic to the point where you'll never be tempted to over-wear it. haha.

put here because i heart lanvin. i've always lumped it together with valentino for some reason, maybe because they are both adept at those lovely evening gowns so often seen on red carpets, the most accessible of all fashion runways.

check out all the lovely voluminous structures, almost as it the clothes were worn, then puffed up with an air pump! nothing truly outstanding in my opinoin, thou i love the 2 trouser-top combos.


omg please look at these shoes. part Marni color-blocking, part YSL masculine-chic, tristan blair is a label everyone needs to keep tabs on! (i'm not sure if pedder carries them...i certainly havent seen them here!) but these are leather+ suede, which is always a wonderful combination when it comes to shoes! just put these here so you can look and weep! especially if your name is
NICOLA. (someone tell her this is for her man wah lao)

and on the topic of shout-outs..
remmeber this Magnes' Sisters bag?
YISH was declaring her love for this Mr Big briefcase bag (which are the next big things people!!! if you arent a loyalist like me, please invest! i'll just stick to my motorcycles...my red part-time is DRENCHED and blackened btw! damn the weather!)

YISH i just thought you would fall in love al over again when you see how multi-purpose it is!!!! you can fold the bag over and sling it over your shoulder without it looking stupid at all!

its a great versatile design and i agree at the blue is striking and lovely--from the boardroom to the backroom in ONE FOLD. ahha how's that for double duty.

after all, this post is titled hawtness.
how can i ignore britney and her amazing comeback? i dont care what people say. (thou that poster is no longer on my wall AHHAH) she is really looking fabulous nowadays! i hope it gets to a point where justin holds off his impending nuptials to that she-MAN biel.

schedules are looking RIDICULOUS at the mo, but cheers to everyone anyway! xooxoxoxoxoxxx

Oct 22, 2008

this is the place where all the junkies go

...where time get fast and everything gets slow

recent happenings, photos of which i have finally been able to procure! what better way to capture moments than through pictures? aside from colors and basic aesthetic concerns, details like who's wearing what, body language and even the location of the photo are all simultaneously preserved. cheers!

I. going international...
with RACHEL our friend from michigan, EVAN our friend in edinburgh, JINGLIN our friend in kent ridge (hah), EUNICE our friend who travels a helllot within australasia, and ME, good old singaporean stuck with an accent.

with a whole bunch of tsd people! and george and ling from a52.
but it was SO GOOD to see the UK ppl back--karmun, priya, ming. the rest weren't there, but in such a globalised world (HAHA), keeping in touch has been made so much easier. no excuses for laziness in friendships.

II. elevator shots...
yish, me, maya, saif. just going crazy after our tsd gathering. honestly, what else can one expect from a bunch of Truly Zany Inidividuals...these things just remind me what it means to be a theatre student:
flamboyance, flair and a zest for life and drama!

and again. this was my maiden experience taking photos like this, but i honestly think everyone deserves to try this! aside from all the screaming and excitement, knowingly depriving others of an essential public good in the name of self-gratification and sheer fun--now that's the real payoff. haha, (YOU KNOW IM KIDDING)

III. f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
div, shawn, me, trish.
not to be terribly unoriginal, but iguess the crazy gang of us has been very inspired by the friednships we see played out in Central Perk. and how can you NOT love them!!??!? the only question is...who's who?!

the girls. charis, trish, me.
i seized on this photo because it is HARD EVIDENCE that i'm taller than the other 2!!! and mind you charis is tilting her head but that doesnt count. either ways, i completely love the a53 bunch, and HELLO GUYS PLEASE SEE YOU ALL SOON CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS AHEM.

IV. the leaders of tomorrow
you're looking at 6 headhunted individuals (sans fawn who is in switzerland, which would bring us to 7) from different backgrounds, schools and with different experiences, BUT
the one thing in common is that we will all be leaders of tomorrow. and if things go the way we'd like, we'l have our own talkshow too. watch this space. (HAHA)

and in typical fashion, we gathered over FOOD. din tai fung is a hot fave amongst the group, with alums currently schooled in revered institutions like Princeton! Oxford! Stanford! and the like, seeing as there's rarely any chance for such decent tasting and costing ching chong food.

and in even MORE typical fashion, ju is staring at me while i'm staring at the food, this is incriminating! but i put it here out of self deprecation and lots of love. (whut>!?!?!)
sadly i was very worse for wear that day, meeting for dinner at 7 after an entire day of school...

sam, me, ailene. tis fun to have so much in common intellectually and yet be able to descend into a fit of noisy giggles at the snap of a finger. discussions on school life, talkshow potentials, business proposals, decency of men in singapore, cultural immersion and future motherhood existed seamlessly alongside much hearty laughter and mutual admiration. ( ihope! kidding)

V. here comes the bride (NO causeway jokes PLEASE)
us with mr pereira ("call me Kenneth!!!") and his wife, mim mim.
i must confess i utterly LOVE weddings. aside from the tulle, flowers, smiles and wine, there is just something about being given away by your father to another man that loves you (almost?) as much, and having everyone you know and who loves you there to celebrate the damn transaction.
AHH. that's why they call it wedded BLISS.

here we are again, sans wifey this time. i'm pretty sure he wouldve preferred to have her around. 7 legal eagles in one photo! its almost too much for my browser to bear; its sinking under the load of memorandums and potential litigation already. but these are the people who keep me sane in school--simon, jin, leon, cheryl and sam. cheers to them for their barbs, accepting natures, and for (usually) being cued-in to all that's happening in this tumultous world of ours...so we can mercilessly poke acerbic fun at all of it. think its an elitist way to have fun? YOU BETCHA! hehe.

and this is simon's favourite shot! us walking out of the cathedral under a cloud-filled sky, all smiles and laughter and a complete picture of youthful insouiance.
i must say...
life has been good. cheers to la dolce vita, and to hopes that it will never stop being this way.

Oct 19, 2008

the greatest love of my life (so far) #1

obvsiouly, to tell the whole experiential story via pictures alone will hardly do this justice...but i know that i need to do this for cartharsis, least not because lofty's farewell was yesterday and he'll be retiring IN SPAIN. BY THE BEACH.

this is merely the first installment so looking forward to sharing more of my awesomest times in tsd soon.
so, i used this picture as a teaser in the last post, and YES that's SAIF in case you're wondering. tim the photographer pretty much gave me free reign to do whatever i wanted. and i decided to go with this slightly vaudeville clownish look. (some of you would know that i really do adore that white cream base).
The makeup in tsd received an overall in our year, much thanks must go to sharlene for that initiative...I remember going shopping with her in a dodgy corner of orchard and trying on lots of industrial light and magic-standard stuff. Her made up hand DID look like it was scarred and burnt and charred.

Anyways. The idea behind this look was completely matched by the photography (TIM does it professionally, if there are any inquiries!!!!!!!) and I think the happy/sad contrast was quite well enhanced, especially by the shadow eye socket in the 'sad' half. Also, saif's more prominent bone structure made the job easier for me, but this still remains as one of my favorite 'works' so far.

this one was part of the same photoshoot--i looked at KAI and at the makeup and before you know it, my hands moved and started drawing this floral motif. very midsummer nights dream, and for some reason we were so oblivious to tim clicking around us. kai was great--she just let me do my thing and i must say, as a makeup artist all you want is for the person at your mercy to TRUST you.

i dont have a picture of the finished product, but sometimes theres beauty in the breakdown (anyone get the refence, 50 points to you!)

of course, this is what it REALLY looks like from the unglamorous side of things...this was a good 4 years ago, when i still had braces but that didnt stop me for being totally earnest about doing my job.

and you thought looking pretty was easy.

this was also part of the shoot--YEEK showcasing our state of the art sound systems in the studio. it was quite difficult to achieve the intended effect for this...tim and i had a short discussion and wanted to go with a sound-related theme; i'm not sure how clear it is that there's a musical staff across his face. he was extremely patient with me too!

to be honest, not that many people would consent to being painted on with such motifs...most prefer pretty girly makeup, but i'm glad the shoot was intended to be more edgy and the makeup correspondingly so.

there's another set of photographs with very exaggerated lighting and the styling for that was pretty scary stuff--blood, bondage, a lot more dark stuff that frankly was quite disturbing in the final cut. i may post them up another time, but for now... haha. NO.

and me again, in action. it was truly a privilege to have our studios outfitted with a full makeup and dressing room, complete with the bright dressing room lights that are teh stuff of movies and...real comercial theatres. so i must say it was honor to be able to do what i loved for those 2 years. more importantly, to have those people i love let me do it all to them! cheers, guys.

Oct 15, 2008

fashion equation





FENDI SS09...put here just for prettiness. credit to susie bubble, thanks gorge!

all the tulle flowers reminded me of the marchesa ss09 pic i put up a while ago...maybe now that summer's around, we're back to sheer fabrics and lots of pastel softness. not a look i particularly favour...but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it i guess.

speaking of fashion, KVLT (say cult) MAGAZINE is a new, online magazine devoted to all things cutting edge in the fashion, art and editorial realms. with such an explosive collision of worlds and lots of gorgeous photography, i guess all i can say is you need to check it out. cheers!

click here for KVLT MAGAZINE

and finally...
MY WORK OF ART. just a preview of the upcoming posts...all on theatre and my lovely pictorial memories and portfolio from my TSD days. i remember this was for a publicity photoshoot, and i was sooooo glad that i got roped in to do makeup (there were only 2 makeup artists in our batch at the time anway...boo) and i had realy the best time that saturday morning.


Oct 13, 2008


revoLucien, one of the best things to come out of myspace, has done it again. this is so catchy it deserves radio play. truly worth a watch...SHARE THE LOVE AND SHARE THE LINK!!!

Oct 10, 2008

accessories report

MY PROMISED entry on jewelry is here...but not before i post about somehting most interesting taht i discovered online!
aside from the presidential pants in earlier posts, check out the latest obama-inspired wear:
jean charles de castelbajac's runway showing featured a rather tasteful take on the Senator from Illinois...albeit in an incarnation that served more as a statement than actual fashion. but then again, the 2 have never been all that unrelated.

**all prices have been converted to SGD and approximated...credt crisis notwithstanding.
this ACCESSORIES REPORT is all about the off-the-radar chic designers who are sure to be making bigger waves in time to come. i guess you can remember that you heard it here first!!! also, GO FOR GOLD!!!

NAVA ZAHAVI square aqua ring, $1700
this ring is exquisite...a sterling semi-precious stone set in gold, with the most limpid of azure pools. definitely a statement piece, especially in the wake of all those ridiculously huge watches. i admit i approve of the trend, but its getting alittle bit too much for me, so signalling the ring to be back in vogue is certainly due!
i never had the slender fingers to wear such rings, but if you do...off to nava zahavi you go!!!!

MELISSA JOY MANNING cats eye necklace, $680
no details sadly on what that stone is (quartz? hopefully something more expensive...) but with the delicate gold filigree chain and the cute little gold rings, this necklace is all sophistication and elegance. unlike the overdone diamonds with white gold combination, this shows that you dont have to be over the top to stand out.

WENDY NICHOL 3 piece cuff, $420
again, gold is used as a supporting accent to the centrepiece: textured leather! edgy while being girly, this is a cute way to convey toughness without sacrificing chic. the toggle closure makes sure no one gets to claw the animal off of you.

and a few BAG choices!
MAGNES SISTERS mr big bag, $460
formed by 3 sisters who decided their trinity of fashion experience would yield more results when combined, magnes sisters is a label that doesnt scrimp on quality. buttery italian lambskin (think loewe, but not spanish!) in the brightest of shades and skily linings (just your little secret to fabulosity), this practical workbag doesnt sacrifice any style at all. different shades of blue, gold hardware and brown trimmingmake this an extremely stylish additino to your work wardrobe, and can take you to after-work drinks at the coolest spots too.

GERARD DAREL midday barcelona tote, $1300
i admit this last bag isnt quite under the radar in the same way the otehr labels are, but this bag is definitely worth a mention!! spotted on the arms of many A-listers, this chloe-cousin is funky and cool but still simple and stylish. the bottom zippers remind me muchly of the Bay bag, but i cant help but love the roominess and simplicity of the design. i'm not sure if this is carried in singapore (in every sense of the word, HOHO) but its european presence remains strong, thanks to the legacy of the company that is in excess of a century.

i guess gold hardware is cool...at least we see a more significant presnece in jewelry and accessories, where previously it was shunned in favor of the tres cool white gold and platinum. perhaps its fitting in such times of economic uncertainty that we turn back to the precious metal that started it all:
remember to keep it subtle...look for burnished and matte options, and where not, keep to small details like accents in jewelry, rather than bling out. thats why you dont see any balenciaga-esque giant hardware here. (REGRETTABLY SO!!!)