Sep 26, 2008

feature: emmy fashion #2

so i've talked about the tried and tested route of long flowy gowns...but we also saw some Very Interesting Choices on the red carpet this year!

christina applegate in REEM ACRA
fresh off the SS09 runways, this gown was such a fresh breath of air for me. although she is one season too early, what stood out to me about this outfit was: EVERYTHING.the gown was beautifully draped and the side gathers of cloth are not cumbersome at all. she was very graceful on the red carpet too, if you watched it live like me! hehehehe.
-color: baby blue was a totally unique color, and dont even get me started on the fabulous gold leaf...that's fall/winter enough for me!
-accessories: gold miniauderie? perfect. ruby/diamond drop earrings? perfect. matching talons and lips. too awesome.
-hair: not so sure about the updo, because she looks a bit older, but it shows off her earrings in such a nice way!

marcia cross in ELIE SAAB
i put this here for the lovely tulle skirt that fans many gowns and dresses aren;t flared anymore. flare for flair!
anwyays, this creation i had to blog about, simply because it is SO reminiscent of halle berry in her oscar winning (2004?) creation with the same embroidered flowers that became elie saab's calling card. since that academy awards, elie saab has been a red carpet mainstay.
of course, our favorite stepford wife has the lovely red hair to match the green-ness of this dress. not much else to comment on besides the interesting history of this designer. NEXT!

padma lakshmi in MONIQUE LHUILLIER
another important womenswear woman designer, ms lhuillier specialises in flattering cuts for women. as evidenced here, the dress was trendy (metallics!) and fun (little ruffle at the knee-length hem!) and glamorous at the same time (hello, GOLD?!). im not sure if its the fabric itself but i htink the more likely option is that there is alot of stitching and beading on the dress to create that lovely swirly pattern that pulls the dress in to her left hip, which creates a much more flattering silhouette. of course, the aaccessories and jewelry were all gold, which when combined with the gown, really is a sufficient explanation for why im only talking about the dress and not the wearer of it.

emilie de ravin in MATTHEW WILLIAMSON
crazysexycool is williamson's style, but i guess this only fulfilled "crazy". the round brass/gold coins were really out of HBO's Rome, and the 3 tiered bottom wasnt the most flattering thing to be seen in.
however, i must commend ms de ravin (LOST!) for looking so wonderfully ethereal in the whole ensemble. her hair was perfect, and she gracefully stood there like a grecoroman statue...too bad she wasnt even nominated. neither was lost. but anyway. bad dress, good model.

and now, my final 2 fabulous looks. i saved them for the last because i think they are OUTSTANDING choices.

brooke shields in BADGLEY MISCHKA
i looooove the fuschia on brooke shields and the fabric is so beautifully draped and cut after the bodice, it doesnt look busy at all, but rather like a gorgeous bouffant-y intense pink bouquet of fabric. not sure about the botanical-looking bodice, but still. the color completely brought all the attnetion to her, but neither did it overwhelm her at all. matched her skin tone, matched her fresh makeup, and her age-appropriate glamorous hairdo. not sure about the dark nails, but still. WOOT!

and now for the piece de resistance...
the best look of the night...

olivia wilde in REEM ACRA
why so much reem acra this time!!
look at the artful pleats at the bodice, the crisscross pattern, the waisted detail, the gorgeous flowy skirt, the silky ruffly hem, the amazing color, and most of all the beaded sleeves. LOOK AT THEM SLEEVES omg. if you covered the skirt, it reminds me of keira knightley's pirates of the carribean outfit of this color that was actually just a top she wore with wilma flintstone-like beads (that were actually pearls you plebs) and jeans!
i dont actually know olivia wilde except that megan "ho-face' fox has a crush on her or something, but everything about this outfit was perfect, down to her jewelry (ring and earrings! yay someone who didnt overdo the diamonds!), her silver clutch, and her hair.
but truly this is a dress that speaks for itself. i want to walk down the aisle in this. ( maybe THATS whats wrong...) kidding. this is a faultless look, and i really just think she looks like a winner already. wonder who her date was...SCORE!

in other news, my life is experiencing More Drama than Usual, and when i say that i am not exaggerating. i see those who know some of y exploits gasp in horror--there's MORE!??!?!
unfortunately, yes. i never divulge such details here, which is why i talk alot more about the intimate details of outfits of people ive never seen and do not know, rather than the intimate details of the life that i actually live. MEH.
i'm working on it. cheers

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