Sep 10, 2008

Did Juno what’s going on in Sex Ed in schools?

In a most Interesting Turn of Events, I found out from my kid brother over a family lunch that abstinence is being preached in school under the innocuous banner of “Sex Education”. Now, as much as our paternalistic government wants to ensure we are focused and productive (in the work-per-hour sense…not the Adam and Eve sense)—which to them, of course means being Sexless in Singapore—parading chastity belts as halos is really a gross misrepresentation on the part of the Establishment.

As we know, Sex Ed was introduced relatively recently (I’m 5 years older than Wesley and I never had Sex Ed!), and was triumphantly hailed as an astute move on the part of the MOE to meet the changing needs of youth. This makes the masquerade of No-Sex dressed up to be Sex Ed all the more reprehensible! Misconceptions continue to perpetuate. Questions are swept under the carpet. No one demonstrates putting a condom on a banana. Everything is Taboo.

Teenagers, whom according to Reliable Studies have been deemed to be in the throes of hormonal activity, are as a result now ill-equipped to deal with their very present and very active impulses, curiosity and urges—not only are they unaware of the proper way to release such urges, they are equally ignorant of the potential dangers of unprotected sex.

One might be tempted to ask, if unacquainted with the trends in our complex, what-you-see-isn’t-what-you-get society, if youth are even predisposed to such behavior and illicit activity. OH YEA they are. In truth, the most pertinent question is not whether or not youth need this information: that is a given. It is not as to whether or not they can obtain such information: they will.

The true question is whether we prefer for them to discover it all on their own and risk error, or to instruct and guide them as to how to safely engage in Furtive Behavior 101. Information, in this age, is aplenty, and easily available, but the provenance of much of it is dubious. To pretend that the only accessible source of information is school would really be pulling the wool over our own eyes whilst stubbornly ignoring both the needs of youth, and, more fundamentally, their savvy and inquisitiveness.

Of course, my rant may by now be boring, so I leave you with one of the most effective ways to make a point: humour. Bristol Palin, I’m betting, probably never saw a condom being put on a banana in class.

I hope at this point that my seemingly-incomprehensible post title now makes lots of witty sense. Cheers, and practice safe sex everyone.

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