Aug 7, 2008

bags i hope to one day be able to pull off

while balenciaga's famous lariat motorcycle bags are famous and endlessly copied, less is known about the OTHER collection put out by nicholas ghesquire.
i forget what the collection is called...edition/signature/something along those lines...but this diffusion line is all about the history of the brand and using more interesting designs and materials that are equally distinctive but not as 'street' as his main collection of accessories.
more notably, these bags are produced in even lesser quantity than the main collection. you want exclusivity? there you have it.

the cherche midi bag.
its a lot more heavy-duty than it looks, and it comes in green (this combination), as well as 2 other options of salmon pink and ivory. see that grey patch in the centre? my dad was super-impressed because that little rectangle is made of STINGRAY SKIN. i kid you not.
touches like the chain strap, the stingray skin, the engraved 'balenciaga' on the turnlock and, of course, the extremely supple leather are what makes this bag striking and unique.

however, i have yet to find an occasion or a look with which to pull this bag i guess it'll just have to wait. rather, I will just have to wait. any ideas? it cant just sit there endlessly!

the lune bag (aka the moon bag for anglophiles)
this bag was the sleeper runaway runway hit in the fall 07 season! with the gorgeous detailing and unique closure, its little wonder that many people had their eye on this iconic bag. i like it for the combination of colors...brown, black, gold. its extremely classy!
the dimensions, as with any ghesquire creation, are of course perfect to a T. it comes in 2 sizes, this one and a bigger one, presumably for taller people...or something. again, quite a heay-duty creation, but what a sight to behold. and hold haha.

again, it looks very polished and professional, so its not appropriate for me to carry it at the moment...unless im feeling particularly work-like, and would thus be dressier than normal as well. i don't see that happening in the near future thou! which is why i need to save up some of the stuff i bought in HK...but more on that another time!

gwyneth with her lune can see how easy it is to sling on one's arm. and speaking of which, we actually did a really atas thing, and custom ordered a strap (which only comes with the bigger sized bag) all the way from italy where the craftsmen are based!
i will post more pictures soon i guess, once it comes in. (its been MONTHS NOW and its apparently still being made. what, need to slaughter a new cow just for my one strap is it!>!?!?!?! either that or to improve profit margins, they are shipping it over by sea than air, which understandably takes a much longer time, despite singapore's premier location as the busiest port in the world, centrally located between... URGH NVM.)

am particularly glad because i have seen one person with the exact same red part-time that i carry, so given that i have one of only TWO midis and lunes in Singapore, the fact that only one other person might be spotted with it at any given time is one that comforts me greatly.

more on my well-spent vacation soon! school starts NEXT MONDAY BOO

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