Jun 1, 2008

work by the numbers

its been ages since i took time to reflect, be it on my blog or in my trusty journal.
work's been pretty fun albeit tiring...i guess that's just how it is. i feel rather strange even referring to it as work...unless you mean work in the scientific, physics-defined way, which has mainly to do with work being equated to expending energy, which i happen to do alot of. carrying cartons, washing plates, wiping tables, returning dry dishes to their storage locations, displaying cakes, putting cookies in jars, toasting sandwiches...these are just some activities for which i am paid to do.
there's a reason why less physcially strenuous but more brainy work is more handsomely remunerated, and its simply because knowledge = power. anyone can do the tasks i do. but i choose to learn life lessons through such seemingly menial tasks.
just a rough breakdown so far.
in one week:
-number of plates broken: 2
-number of cups broken: 2
-number of dishes washed: try 400-500
-number of friends made: many
-number of sandwiches eaten: one a day.
-number of spillages in the fridge: 1
-number of breakfast rolls made a day (yea im the sandwich lady!): 13
-number of bagels wrapped a day: about 20
-number of beautiful mornings i thank God for: 1 per day
-number of rude customers: 2
-number of times mistaken to be american: 10-15
-number of phone numbers received, unsolicited: 2
-number of friends who visited so far: 6

i'm really glad this is all in His time...that concept of a bigger plan than mine is one i've clung tightly to since i finally understood that wanting control in my own hands, while great, cant compare to putting that same control in His hands. that's how it is, and how it should be.
i took the job not to prove a point, nor for the money (PUHLEEZE, GUYS!!! hahahah). but i took it because somehow, i knew that it was a step that would eventually help me be a better person. how exactly, that remains to be seen. but so far, i know that God's work in my life has made me able to take on a job no one wouldve thought i could do! :)

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