May 6, 2008

feature: the best black bags

this post, i have dedicated to my favorite color of all time, BLACK. while i only possess 2 black bags, (I KNOW! sad...) i htink black is the quintessential color whenever you're in a fix and need to look more put together than you really are.

many people make the common mistake of buying into the misconception that black is boring, or predictable. NOT TRUE! im gonna attempt to shatter that apocryphal belief, since all i;ve seen of late is black acting as the most wonderfully rich palette, a jetblack canvas against which designers can work their midnight magic.

how do they do it? as evidenced here, SHAPE, TEXTURE, CONSTRUCTION, DOUBLE-DUTY. i'll be labelling each bag, and i DEFINITELY have the best examples ever and have been gathering all my visual ammo for quite afew weeks now, so YAY!

PIERRE HARDY leather patchwork tote
looking eerily reminiscent of fendi's crossword bag, pierre hardy's patchwork tote is nonetheless full of visual intrigue, while remaining very very true to the signature pierre hardy architectural aesthetic. the signature tongue flap is there as closure, and the many interlocking layers make this a very handcrafted confection indeed, hence its name! it also looks roomy enough to be easily slung around and slightly abused, just the way i like my bags!

CC SKYE tote
most people arent familiar with this brand but I LOVE CC SKYE!!! my dreams of my boutique definitely include this fashion-forward yet under-the-radar label. and its pretty reasonable too! (relatively speaking... haha). this bag is uber versatile as you can carry it with the lovely LOVELY gold chained chunky straps, or as you can see, remove them using the lobster clasps and carry the centre 'hole' of a handle that's there. so its the PERFECT day-to-night bag, i really really love this. the leather looks like its been AMAZINGLY treated to be supersoft and luxurious, so this is really luxury the way it should be (i.e. NOT monogrammed labels, plsthx.)

LOUBOUTIN tiered leather bag
type: SHAPE
think louboutin's just about shoes? THINK AGAIN. well the moment i laid my eyes on this bag..ok more like FEASTED my eyes, i was sold. i mean, COME ON. it falls beautifully in the centre, the perfect way a hobo should be. yet, this remains more couture with the lapis-like layers which no doubt have been crafted with utmost architectural discretion. simple, stylish, eyecatching. again, no masstige-type selling out here. i love it.

BOTTEGA VENETA pleated goatskin shopper
type: SHAPE
this is just ridiculous, isnt it. think bottega's just about intreccatio? THINK AGAIN. this valentino-esque creation is really lovely with construction details only a true fashion house could think of. the soft and supple leather bottega is known for takes on new heights of fancy with this tessellating design. and the handles make it easy to tote around, perfect to show off, yet taking an appropriate backseat to the even chicer owner. though when i think about the damage to my wallet, i dont mind NOT been an 'even chicer owner'... haha.

FENDI f3 leather bag
fendi this season came up with lots of these studded creations...all with odd-numbers of metal studs- wait for them to hit stores! (im referring to FW08 and not their candycoloured ss creations...i blogged about those months ago HHAH). and this is such a lovely take on an evening bag, instead of those ridiculously embellished clutches (AHEM gucci), which harks back to a very old school NY pillbox type lady-likeness. mrs sarkozy much?? the little handle is absolutely darling, and the gorgeous matte black is a much better way to have the matte gold accents offsetting the black background, rather than screaming patent. very classy.

FENDI patent mini mamma bag
AND another fendi, more classic and recognisable this time:the reinvented shoulder bag! while this is no Baguette, the mini mamma is a lovely shape too, im so glad they re-released this older design! the wider-at-the-bottom trapezoidal shape ensures that you can stuff your fat wallet at the bottom without your bag going out of shape (trust me i have the Magenta one from like 3 seasons ago!) this time, Fendi released it in patent black, keeping it high-gloss but still classic with the F-buckle they have on a majority of their range. the contrscution is detailed too, as you can see from the even stitching and the strap details.
SOMEONE asked me if those lovely links were removeable (i'll keep your anonymity intact here AHEM), but they're really not. and i think the bag looks just fine the way ti is haha.

LANVIN patent leather pise bag
look at that leather!! it just screams to be touched and taken care of haha. the turnlock closure is demure enough to give complete atttention to the rest of the bag. with such textural detail, there's really not much need to embellish, so i;m glad this bag was kept simple, yet nicely constructed with the central perpendicular strip. it looks like a lovely roast that's been wrapped with pancetta in the centre, HAHA. yea, its close to dinnertime here and we're eating western food tonight. -_-

THEORY annika satchel
another less-known brand, theory is nonetheless an insider favorite for its lovely dresses and edgy tops. this symmetrical bag is totally versatile, again, with the shorter shoulder straps and the longer one for when you're looking sportier after a workout.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA shagreen leather Goya bag
shagreen is bacK!! while somtimes seen as a more old-fashioned material, oscar de la renta's Goya bag (erm...i know. i raised my eyebrows at the name too! if it refers to what i think it does. are you thinking what im thinking, b1? i htink i am, b2!) manages to look updated enough for this fashion climate. slightly more austere than the rest, my response to it wasnt that immediate either. but the construction of different panels of leather make it look more streamlined than your standard, and its good someone brought shagreen back. (reference unintended).

another big thing coming up is ROSETTE BAGS, but i'll blog about that closer to the actual season, so that when people go to orchard road you can actually see what im talking about. haha.

i really hope you all like this post!!! i have another collection of BLACK SHOES to match all these lovely bags... but in the meantime, criminal law beckons. and on that topic,
i think the penal code should include bad fashion as a crime. OK the may month of mayhem is coming up...everyone needs to let their hair down (figuratively for me...) and let loose!

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