Apr 9, 2008

whims and fancies

**EDIT: i went to chloe to check, and i apologise that the turqiouse saskia i blogged about in the previous post is NOT AVAILABLE IN SINGAPORE. sorry!!! it comes it other colors thou...but nothing that made an impression.

BALENCIAGA has been the fashion house of the moment for, well, more than a moment. the moment nicholas ghesquire burst on the scene, or runway to be exact, he has been utterly inspiring, gorgeous, and endlessly copied.
and what more to be copied than the BAGS.
i posted this picture a while ago, and well, i am VERY PLEASED to announce that the motorcycle bags are NO LONGER balenciaga's mainstay. while they are still being churned out and updated every season, and are very much a part of the brand's appeal and recognition factor, i'm glad Balenciaga has not rested on its laurels (UNLIKE MANY MASSMARKET LUXURY BRANDS URGH) and has continued to innovate in an area where it could easily stagnate!

my pick of the 2 best new shapes, one from each season past.

introduced last season, the giant brief has gone to achieve cult status all of its own. and one can see why. combining the classic embellishments with a fresh twist on the traditional rectangular shape of its motorcycle bags, the new shape looks utterly modern and very professional too! naming it BRIEF doesnt hurt either.
the trapezoidal wonder looks like it'll continue to stick around for awhile, and for all you know might become one of the mainstays of balenciaga!

quirky, edgy, and definitely leaner than its predecessors, the giant slim is everything crazycool about balenciaga rolled into one juicy shiny package. again, leaning towards the brief's wider-at-the-bottom aesthetic, but the SLIM makes no apologies for turning the concept of a "BAG" on its head. that's why i picked the SLIM over the bucket-shaped SEAU (im sure youve seen it somewehre!). All its rounded modern angles make it look polished without the stuffiness, and isnt that side profile just lovely?
since we cant have our models emaciated, let's do it to the bags!

(side note; this lovely color isnt available locally, however.)

(in magenta, im afraid!)
i will not attempt to justify this, because i'm really not here to account for anything (thou i admit my account is low , HAHAH not funny)... but this was an EXCELLENT way to welcome spring/summer 08!!!!
i had to agonisingly choose 1) the shape. which is easily done when you carry them yourself. and 2) the COLOR. that was mad, my mum and i even called my dad down to the Hlton to help! it was either blue with gold hardware (THEY HAD 3 SHADES OF BLUE IN THE FIRST PLACE! WAH LAO) or this magenta with silver hardware.
for some reason, silver hardware seems to be the way to go this season, rather than the gold which has been aorund for longer, and is definitely a richer accent which seems to sit more with fall/winter season. at least, all the spring stuff was more silver-accented. ohwells!
and we settled for this. :)

moving on to belts, the sole reason why i posted this in the first place is because of the lovely shapes and colors yes, but THE BELTS. effortless and throwaway, the tied belt (as opposed to buckled) was the most genius thing i have EVER seen from mr azria. (sorry!!!) took all the okay outfits to the next level:
so try updating your old looks with new accessories!

as you can see, i dont have the privilege of a azria creation, but still. brightly colored belts are a GREAT way to update your wardrobe. you can wear it with a matchy-matchy outfit and throw a crazy belt into the mix like deeds did with her YELLOW BELT. you can also have a more understated look to transition between seasons, with the darker, more monochromatic fall/winter colors contrasted with the brightness of blue for spring!
wear it high-waisted or low-riding, blue or yellow, with black or brown, ANYTHING GOES.

realise how varied it can be...both belts are IDENTICAL. yes we checked and we examined...and compared cheapo prices HAHAHHA. i probably got a slightly worse deal AS USUAL, but these inexpensive less-than-ten-buck options are there! (so dont crucify me for wearing my mum's vintage gucci once in a while)

**OBVIOUSLY, a class post is due soon...we had a lovely poolside potluck at denys' mountbatten apartment. akan datang!

bags are a great way to get entry-level starts into the world of fashion, but for the fact that they usually cost an arm and a leg. STILL, i'd recommend admiration from the sidelines till you decide to drop your cash rather than to get "INSPIRED" pieces, which as we all secretly know in our guilty hearts, are just as easily labelled FAKES.

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