Apr 4, 2008

spring fling

hello dearest friends, SPRING has descended upon us! well not so much descended as much as floated down, dandelion-like, and settled on our snow-dusted, jacket-clad backs. TIS THE SEASON!!! yes, i hope this picture puts you in the mood!
so i present top to toe, RAINBOW BRITE SPRING PICKS!!!! yup, COLOR is all the rage these days, and it is terribly easy to incorporate into your current drab wardrobe! (i've been using bright belts to jazz up greys and blacks thus far...and you can easily move on from accessories to full-on outfits by now. isnt it exciting having to adapt twice a year, at least!? haha.)

MICHAEL BY MICHAEL KORS ranger patent tote in YELLOW

just look at the color on this; saturated, shiny, rich, buttery summery yellow. it is understated, but from the picture alone one can appreciate the detailed stitching and what i particularly LOVE is the handle. the length of it is perfect. it is long enough for you to comfortably sling it over your shoulder and short enough for you to hold with your hand as well. and i imagine the leather has been treated, as most patent leather is, to be stiffer than your usual lambskin/goatskin (cue loewe and balenciaga signatures, anyone>!>?!?! tsk) which means it will retain its structure relatively well.

CHLOE saskia square tote in TURQUOISE

OMG. i had great temptation to be resisted in placing this photo second. but as we all know the age-old childhood rhyme: first the worst, second the best... OK OK i dont mean that! i love everything i recommend here!
in 3 reasons:
1) its CHLOE. hellloiooooooooooooo!!??!?!?
2) its functional: look at the 2 strap option: carryall OR sling. perfectly different and equally likely choices. pretty AND practical, thats akin to having beauty and brains in teh same girl...
3) that COLOR. slightly burnished, very rich and lucious, irreverent and playful, and DEFINITELY not your average color. this is a bag for the NEW WOMAN: a Thinking, Pop-culture Referencing, NON-Label-WHoring, Practical, Stylish Woman.

TRACY REESE printed blouse
in the absence of ubiquitous kaftans, this playful top is a perfect spring choice!
PRINT: great now, will be great in summer as well.
COLOR: not quite fuschia nor burgundy, it will brighten up any skin tone, and the white accents are just eye-poppingly fabulous.
DESIGN: understated sexiness. loose sleeves, check. v-back, check. (as opposed to cleavage, EEEEE!) nipped waist, check. what's not to like?? the tie at the nape of the neck is PERFECT really, draws attention when you turn your back on the cute boy youve just been checking out...leaving him wanting to catch a second look at That Fashionable Chick.

PUCCI sundial ottoman top
PUCCI! this is the night of my favorite brands! if you recall, i had those LOVELY pucci shades just last month (with the checked L.A.M.B heels!!>)
anyways, AGAIN the lovely prints and colors of pucci rear their gorgeous scarved heads, and the color on this really is second to none. except maybe cameron diaz's recent nickelodeon orange carpet confection of a dress!
and its called the SUNDIAL TOP for a reason; look at how the print is angled outwards...a radial print, i love the tromp l'oeil it creates, lengthening the shoulders and creating that nice balanced silhouette with the hips taken in.it is SUCH a relaxed, beachy top that will still be trendy come summer!

CHLOE patent leather suede and alligator slingbacks
IDENTICAL to THESE chloe shoes (click!) i posted about, but COMPLETELY updated this season not via materials but through the lovely color combination. the materials are ABSOLUTELY luxe, and the design is flattering, with the colors being understated enough to let the vermillion take centrestage! ...remind you of marc jacobs latest creation much?

TOM FORD ANDREA sunglasses
yes, named after me too! (ok, thats stretching it, but i thought having the same christening would be reason enough for an honorable mention!)
who can do wihtout shades!>?!?! i must admit, i am hardly a tom ford fan, but am currently Gucci-ing my way when it comes to shades, so i shall be a loyalist (for now!) and endorse tom ford shades! FEEL FREE TO SHARE WHICH YOU ARE WEARING!

on a less excited and excitable note, I HAVE MOOTS TOMORROW. and moots hav been impairing my moods, due to the horrid insouciance it brings out in me. it will all be over in 24 hours.

i hope all these lovely sundrenched color swathed palettes have given you inspiration for morocco, the greek isles, park avenue, malibu, or whichever ideal sunny destination you may draw your inspiration from !!

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