Apr 14, 2008


1. can you be resentful about bitterness?
i was just thinking about this...yesterday, actually. and i realised what a contradiction in terms it was. when one sees a bitter person and feels angry about their bitterness...that's just being guilty of the same offence, isnt it?

2. why are people hesitant about affection?
i was just thinking about this TODAY. and i realised that, at least with my friends and definitely based on other observations and discussions, people are rather apprehensive when it comes to being completely open with each other. be it in expressing themselves through words, but more pointedly so through touch. some people have surfaced that it might be an asian thing.. RREALLY!>!?!?? i dont think so.

i guess all i want at this point, and based on these questions is:
1. contentment
2. affection
sounds a bit too simplistic i agree...but convoluted thoughts dont help anything anywys. SO I'LL JUST LET THE PHOTOS DO THE TALKING. AS USUAL.

quite awhile ago, it was in the church courtyard after the concert...but it was good to see them again! if you guys read this...we all are thinking about you, so please come back? whenever youre ready, i guess. :)

AAAAAAAND the class! well, some of us. being crazy AS USUAL with our poolside potluck photos i promised to upload haha. on the menu was lotsa:
kfc, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, prata, satay, bread pudding, german sweets and definitely booze booze booze.

me/riddle. with shawn looking Very Disturbed in the background. tis always good to be affectionate with friends and people you love; there's no need to be uncomfortable with closeness...unless you prefer to express yourself through the mushiness of words.

the girls! jean/riddle/me/trish/nic/didi/kai
in a class FULL of boys (by arts standards...10 boys to 12 girls), the girls were and still are a welcome source of solace and sanity for each other, especially when the guys went off tangent with gaming jokes, dirty jokes, sick puns, bouts of homo-experimentation (JK!) and basketball-fuelled talk and exercise. although i must admit, i wouldnt exchange the dynamics of a53 for anything. HELL, i wouldnt exchange any member of a53 for anything, AND I MEAN THIS STATEMENT COMPLETELY, like 110% ok guys! haha.

sums us all up:candid smiles, suspicious observer, red-faced andrew ong HAHA JK and really, just a lot of happiness and enjoyment in the moment. like i said, i wouldnt trade it for the world.

coming up: simon's and maya's birthdays!

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